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What the 2013 Job Board Trends Surveys tell us

2013 Job Board Trends SurveysThe results are in from the 2013 Job Board Trends Surveys – and they’re interesting. This year 319 job boards, 79 HR and recruiting professionals, and 108 job seekers participated – that’s a lot of responses! It also took a while to gather up the data and put it into report form – but it is now available in the Research area of the Job Board Doctor website. I encourage you to take a look (free registration is required to download the reports).

Here are some highlights from the 2013 Job Board Trends Surveys:

  • Lack of response from employers continues to be the top frustration of job seekers
  • Most HR/recruiters are planning to increase spending on their company career site, mobile recruiting, and referral programs
  • Quality of applicants, quantity of applicants, and price are the top 3 factors for client renewal for job boards around the globe
  • Over 70% of job boards surveyed use aggregators in all regions
  • Only half of the HR and recruiting professionals surveyed actually track the cost per application
  • Higher percentages of UK and European job boards have mobile-friendly sites than do job boards in the rest of the globe
  • Over 90% of HR and recruiting professionals surveyed that are currently using social media for recruitment are using LinkedIn

There is, of course, much more. I encourage you to download the 2013 Job Board Trends Surveys that are most relevant to you. You’ll find them in the Research area of the Job Board Doctor website. Thanks again to everyone who participated – I appreciate it!

(Note: I will be discussing the results of these surveys in more detail at the JobG8 Job Board Summit in June. Details are here.)

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