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Upcoming excitement with the Job Board Doctor

I wanted to let you know about some exciting things happening here in Job Board Doctor World:

  • Next week I will begin releasing the results of this year’s Job Board Industry Trends survey. There was great response – over 300 job board responses worldwide, plus response from HR professionals and job seekers. More similarities between boards around the globe than differences. I look forward to sharing this information with you.
  • Also, on Tuesday, April 30th, I will be conducting a webinar (courtesy of RealMatch) on “Revitalize Your Job Board (And connect with HR Needs & Budgets”. I plan on covering how you can turn what HR needs into solutions that they will buy – and of course I will give you lots of practical advice on getting started. Click here to sign up.
  • Finally, I will be presenting the results of the Job Board Trends Survey at JobG8’s Job Board Summit, June 20-21 in Chicago. They have a good roster of folks lined up, including Gerry Crispin, Kevin Wheeler, Joel Cheesman, and Michael Marlatt. It promises to be a great couple of days for learning, networking, and (perhaps?) partying. Click here to sign up.

Man, I’m getting tired just looking at that. I better grab another double Americano!

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