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job board consultingJob Board Consulting

The Job Board Doctor can provide job board consulting services for your job board. I have helped over 750 job boards, software firms, and other recruitment marketing companies during the past decade. (Click here to discover what my clients say; This blog post provides an overview of representative projects). My job board consulting areas of expertise include:

Marketing & Sales: Is your site well established but facing sales challenges? Do you need sales and marketing help? I provide analysis of your existing efforts, including suggestions for utilizing multiple marketing and sales channels. I can also develop short and long-term plans that address growing your audience, lead generation, additional sources of revenue, pricing analysis, and much more. I can even work with your entire sales staff to increase effectiveness and drive up profitability; I can also work one-on-one with specific salespeople.  Contact me today to learn more.

Strategic planning and direction:Is your job board or recruitment marketing service at a crossroads? Are you trying to decide what your next steps should be? I can help.Contact me today to learn more.

♦ Industry research & analysis: Are you considering investing in the recruitment marketing industry? Are you thinking about acquiring or selling a property? I can provide useful, detailed research and insight tailored to your particular needs. Contact me today to learn more.

♦ Site branding and positioning: A strong brand can add a 7% to 30% price premium for your business. I can show you how to build and leverage your brand. Contact me today to learn more.

♦ Startups: I’ve worked with dozens of startups – job boards, software companies, and others – to help them get off the ground successfully. Contact me today to learn more.

♦ Site analysis: Ever wonder if your site is really connecting to employers and job seekers? Are there features or functions that might work better (or are even missing)? I can provide a thorough, page by page analysis of your site from both an employer and job seeker perspective. Contact me today to learn more.

Every site and situation is different. That’s why I offer customized job board consulting solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you just need an hour to talk about adding seeker-focused products, or several weeks to analyze a new market, I can help. Price varies based on time and desired output.

Are you ready to find out why job boards and online recruiting firms around the world rely on the Job Board Doctor? Contact me today to learn more.

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