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back to work

Back to work, on their terms

It's always been the case that some folks retire, then go back to work. Why? Maybe they get bored in retirement. Perhaps they feel isolated. Or they find that they don't have as much money as they thought they would.…

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Glassdoor hurt its brand

Glassdoor hurt its brand via sloppy integration

Ok, this is hardly the first time that Glassdoor hurt its brand. Just scan through the company's history and you'll find plenty of examples where the tension between user anonymity and company enmity clashed over the site's landmark employer reviews.…

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Indeed's AI future

Is Indeed’s AI future also yours?

Indeed's AI future was the subject of a recent talk by Chris Hyams, CEO of Indeed, at the company's FutureWorks conference. Indeed - in case you've forgotten - is the largest job board in the world, and thus what it…

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destroy a business

How to destroy a business in four easy steps

You may ask yourself why I am telling you how to destroy a business. Well...the longer you spend in the job board and recruitment marketing sectors, the more likely it is that you will be tempted to acquire another business.…

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candidate discovery

The candidate discovery journey drives your growth

A fundamental challenge for our industry is candidate discovery: how do candidates and employers discover each other? You can argue that job boards - and newspapers before them - tried to solve this problem: they tried to make it easier…

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video and job boards

Video and job boards: an unfinished story

To understand the role of video and job boards, you have to go back a bit in time. Remember 'dial up' internet? If you're lucky, you don't - but that's where we were when job boards first showed up on…

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Indeed changed its mind

Indeed changed its mind

Indeed changed its mind. First it said that its U.S. clients had to convert to the CPA model. Now it says that actually, they can still use CPC (although it has a new name, of course - 'branding'!). So what…

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