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job board success

New – Revised Edition for 2023!

Are you building and running your job board to succeed? Job Board Success shows you how to create and operate a job site profitably, from the ground up, step by step. Below are some of the topics covered in this detailed e-book:

Job Board Success

  • Why do most job boards fail to thrive?
  • Defining your job seeker audience
  • Defining your employer audience
  • Making money: what services do you offer?
  • Making money: pricing your services
  • Job board software: buy, build, or lease?
  • Reaching your audience
  • Metrics and why they matter
  • Renewals and why they matter

Newly Revised Edition: Includes additional material on the Google for Jobs job posting schema, PLUS expanded and updated list of job board software and online resources!

You clearly defined how to meet the needs of the job seeker and employer. Your book outlines the questions sometimes that are hard to hear, but questions you absolutely have to answer before starting your board. The job board software section was great to have as well. Thanks to you, my launch is a success! —Michelle Dyer, Survival Jobs For Actors

I’m Jeff Dickey-Chasins (aka The Job Board Doctor), and my book Job Board Success draws on over a decade of my experience in the job board industry. Use this e-book to avoid common (and some not so common) pitfalls. Elevate your site from the thousands of mediocre job boards out there.

This is a very comprehensive look at running a job board, well done! I think it will be useful for anyone getting started in the business. – Eric Shannon,

This e-book represents hundreds of hours of mistakes, fumbles, surprises, and, yes, successes that I’ve garnered over years in the industry. More than a book, you can think of this as your ‘get started’ primer for succeeding in the job board world.

Curious? Click here for an excerpt from “Job Board Success”.

The cost? Only $39 – and I promise that you’ll save yourself many times that amount. Why wonder if you’re building your job board for success? Find out with Job Board Success. I’ve also included a comprehensive list of job board software suppliers and a handy 8 question worksheet for defining and evaluating your job seeker audience.

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Guarantee: I promise that Job Board Success will give you a comprehensive and detailed start on creating and running your own job board. If you’re not completely satisfied, I will gladly refund your money.

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