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A brief history of job boards (infographic)

This brief history of job boards isn’t complete by any means, but thanks to John Sumser, Eric Shannon, Wikipedia, Chris Russell, and others, it covers the basics (I hope!). Amazing how far we’ve come in 22 years!
brief history of job boards


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  1. Nice work on this Jeff!

    In August 1994, three job boards launched on the web: OCC, CareerMosaic and (which I helped build). We had fun for years arguing over who was first. I may have screenshots of all three from that era.

    Monster appeared later in 94, and bought OCC by the end of 95 in the first wave of consolidation.

    I believe the 1993 instances from NetStart and OCC were *gopher* sites, since the www was not quite a thing yet. They ran those sites plus pushed searchable data to places like AOL, Compuserv and Prodigy. (God, I’m old.)

    OCC became Monster’s acquired platform by ~97. E-span became around ~98, then became nothing a few years after that.

  2. Its not a job-board in the traditional sense, but there are loads of jobs on it, and its the biggest thing to effect recruiting in decades, so I think it warrants inclusion!

  3. […] In 1994, the first public job search engine went live. Monster Job board was created, a place where job seekers could search the job database with the web browser. Monster Job disrupted the recruitment industry with its vision and ease of use. With the explosion of job boards and the movement of recruitment from print media to online channels, print ads for job requirements have almost become outdated.(Read – Brief history of Job Boards) […]

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