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the letter

The letter

It's the kind of letter you don't want to send or receive: "First, on behalf of the entire Simply Hired team I would like to thank you for your partnership. We have appreciated working with you and your clients.  I am writing…

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random observations

This and that: random observations and rantings

News wanders across my desk (well, my monitor) on occasion that doesn't really fit into a standard 'themed' blog post - just random observations and things that may or may not have any impact on our industry. Still, I find…

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job board year in review

2014: the job board year in review

It feels like 2014 was the year that VC money returned to the job board industry. Each month brought more news of investments and funding (not to mention some pretty substantial growth by existing players). So let's take a journey…

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Take the 2014 Aggregator Usage Survey!

Almost everyone in the job board industry either uses aggregators - or has in the past. It's just a fact of job board life. But recent developments (LinkedIn and Monster aggregating job postings) and the ascension of Indeed to the…

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