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The perfect recruiting tool

perfect recruiting toolThe perfect recruiting tool would not be a job board.

It would not be a sourcing tool.

It would not be an assessment tool. 

It would not be a candidate aggregator. 

It would not a programmatic ad network. 

It would never introduce bias.


It would work equally well for recruiting in every location and profession. 

 It would identify candidates based on their fit to a specific role. 

It would identify candidates based on their potential to thrive in a specific role or organization. 

So what exactly would the perfect recruiting tool be? Well…all of the above. That’s why there will never be a single perfect recruiting tool!

Again. No single tool will solve all hiring challenges. Seriously, if you are a job board, you are not the perfect recruiting tool. Same goes for a programmatic network, or a AI-powered sourcing tool, or anything else out there! I say this with great confidence. But…

Combining tools, testing and retesting different tactics and approaches, and retaining a healthy sense of skepticism will go a long way to getting better results. Remember this, job boards and recruitment marketing folks: don’t try to solve all recruiting problems. Focus on specific aspects of the hiring challenge. Solve those. And then…don’t promise the world! Just explain how you solve the problems that you do. Be honest and ambitious. Not deceitful or grandiose. Trust me – your clients will thank you.

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