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Mile high: join me in Denver for the Jobg8 conference!

DenverAs you may (or may not) know, I work with the folks at Jobg8 on their North American summit – specifically, to put together the speakers and agenda for the gathering. I get ideas from others in the industry (who know much more than me!), my friends at Jobg8, and my clients. The goal is to have a range of topics and speakers that really dig into the key issues in the recruitment marketing and job board world – in-depth discussions instead of generic, surface-level blather. This year I think we have a great line up (but of course, I would!). Take a look:

  • Miranda Bogen, a senior policy analyst at Upturn, examines ‘The Unconscious Bias of Hiring Algorithms’. As we all know,  hiring algorithms are touted as tools to mitigate human bias, but they can come with powerful risks of their own. Miranda takes a hard look at what’s really going on – and provides some actionable advice for us.
  • Julie Sowash of Disability Solutions talks about ‘Jobseekers with Disabilities: We Aren’t Just Who You Imagine’. In the United States, 1 in 4 Americans has a disability and of those 70% are hidden. Discovering how to work with this population is critical to serving our industry’s clients.
  • Venkat Janapareddy of Jobiak talks about a topic that’s on everyone’s minds: ‘What’s Going on with Google Jobs? And What’s Next?’. In addition to looking at how Google Jobs is changing the industry landscape, Venkat will also talk about how the service is actually ranking job postings.
  • There will be a rapid-fire round up of opinions on where recruiting automation is going. You’ll hear Aida Fazylova, CEO and Founder,, talk about chatbots; Jonathan Duarte, Founder of GoHire, discussing texting and how job boards can profit from it; and Max Armbruster,  CEO and Founder of Talkpush, talking about using a conversational personality to promote an employer’s brand. Think TED talks for recruiting automation!
  • Faith and Steven Rothberg of College Recruiter will talk about their pivot from duration-based posting to pay-for-performance. If you’re struggling with whether, when, and how to transition your customers to CPC or even CPA, this session is one you can’t miss.
  • Thinking about launching a new venture? Check out Rob Kornblum, founder of and a veteran of Bullhorn and Monster – he’ll be discussing how successful startups need the right combination of capital, timing, and smart people to move from point A to point B.
  • In the Beginning: How 3 Sites Survived and Thrived brings together three veterans of the industry to talk about how their companies grew – and what challenges they faced along the way. Sara Sutton of FlexJobs, Matt Lucas of JobMonkey, and Andrea Olivari of Adzuna will provide insights into how they’ve dealt with the changes in our industry.
  • There’s more, of course: Jessica Miller-Merrell will bring a group of employers to talk about what they really want from vendors; Maaike Kooter will discuss the differences between U.S. and European job seekers; Katrina Kibben will show you how to help employers build productive job postings; and Jonathan Kestenbaum will take you on a tour of the latest developments in the talent tech industry.

Hopefully I’ve piqued your interest! Join me in Denver to learn a lot, network a lot (of course), and perhaps breathe in some mountain air (don’t worry, there are oxygen bottles in the hotel store for those who are short of breath!). And if you come…please grab me to say hi!

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