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back to work

Back to work, on their terms

It's always been the case that some folks retire, then go back to work. Why? Maybe they get bored in retirement. Perhaps they feel isolated. Or they find that they don't have as much money as they thought they would.…

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job board content success

Job board content success

Job board content success? Huh? Well, job boards have long believed - or were taught to believe by search engines - that job ads were 'their' only real content. In other words, a job board was nothing without the primal…

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job board AI implementations

Job board AI implementations around the globe

Job board AI implementations are picking up - as I thought they might. I last wrote about this in July, and since then I've seen a steady wave of AI-related announcements. Some of this is just 'getting on the bandwagon',…

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hiring-related AI products

Hiring-related AI products and your job board

I previously wrote about what specific job boards are doing with AI - and not surprisingly, it's the largest job boards that are making the biggest splash. But the sheer number of hiring-related AI products out there means that almost…

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candidate discovery

The candidate discovery journey drives your growth

A fundamental challenge for our industry is candidate discovery: how do candidates and employers discover each other? You can argue that job boards - and newspapers before them - tried to solve this problem: they tried to make it easier…

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