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Go ahead, impress me: more new recruiting sites and services!

new and exciting 2Last year I counted 21 acquisitions, mergers, and sales in the recruiting site industry. 2017 has already notched one, with the sale of AuthenticJobs to BuySellAds. But new services continue to pop up, and since it’s been almost 3 months since my last look, I thought it prudent to take another look. So here goes!:

  • DevScannerDevScanner promised to let you “search across over 500,000 Developer profiles worldwide.” If you find someone you like, you can save them to a list for future harassment. Sounds like a people aggregator to me!
  • Gig: Gig (well, actually, its URL is gigtogig, but who’s noticing, anyway?) is another one of those ‘design your own freelance lifestyle’ sites – as long as you work in short-term jobs like barista, food server, and so on. It’s actually a mobile-first staffing tool; as they say “Gig pays you 75% of the overall gross shift amount within 24 hours of every completed shift and temporarily holds onto the remaining 25% in order to be able to pay your weekly taxes and National Insurance contributions.” Yes, it’s U.K-centric. Interesting.
  • FlexyNot a manufacturer of exercise wear, but instead a U.K. temp staffing service that focuses on technology to make worker vetting and sourcing better. The candidate side is mobile-centric. Staffing is hot these days.
  • TalentRocketIt’s an employer branding site – and it looks a bit (ok, quite a bit) like TheMuse. They pitch their services as the ‘culture fit recruitment tool’, but the product offering looks a lot like a company profile page, some job listings, and access to the ‘talent pool’. And yes, this one is also U.K.-centric.
  • SHiFT: SHiFT attempts to connect companies with potential employees that have disabilities. SHiFT is a product of the Greater Kansas City Business Leadership Network (GKCBLN). It has a nice interface, and its hyperlocal approach to disability hiring seems pretty smart.
  • GoBeGoBe is not actually a site, but a service for company career sites, job boards, and recruiting sites. It is a job search bot, engages candidates in a “Conversational Job Search”, via an automated bot that helps job seekers. Interesting idea – I’ll be curious to see how it pans out.
  • TechLadiesTechLadies is a community site that connects tech employers with female tech professionals. On the job seeker side, it also offers the ability to network with employers via a members-only Facebook page. The site claims 6,000 members at present.
  • HRxHRx is “an online recruitment service challenging inefficiency and unconscious bias in hiring. We use the ‘blind application’ concept to remove any information that could lead to discrimination against a candidate.” The Canadian company also claims to validate candidates via reference checks.
  • MeritocracyMeritocracy is a job search site where ‘you can’t select your location, only your ambition’. I guess that works if you don’t care where you live, eh? Anyway – it has vertigo-inducing graphics, lots of employer branding, and claims a 90% increase in job post conversions over traditional sites.
  • OneSpaceOneSpace combines a software platform for managing freelancers with a pool of available freelancers. The U.S.-based company includes a variety of tools to incent and manage the workers, and claims some big name users. These types of systems seem to be more prevalent these days.

Well, that’s enough for this round – and I can promise there will be more in a few months. That’s just the way our industry works!

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