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Learning, gigs, diversity, and more: new recruiting services

learningIt’s been a couple of months since I looked at interesting/new sites, so I think it’s time for a new round. In addition to the usual job boards and recruiting sites, I’m going to venture into a few other areas (as is my wont) – mainly because a lot of the interesting action these days is in hybrid sites that combine job boards with assessment, learning, and other functions. So let’s get started!

  • GrovoNot sure about the name – but Grovo is an enterprise-level ‘learning platform’ that specializes in micro-learning. This buzzword simply means that training happens in small chunks – think 144 seconds instead of an hour. I think this is perfect for the attention-deficient generation spawned by social media and smartphones!
  • Jobfindah: Rathin Sinha, former of America’s Job Exchange, launched Jobfindah as a way for employers to hire while staying compliant with OFCCP. The service actually is a network of sites with focuses on women, veterans, and people with disabilities. The service’s focus on a cloud-based solution for employers with OFCCP needs should find an audience, I think.
  • tilrCan you say ‘gig economy’? As tilr says, they use their proprietary algorithm to makes match based on skillset and geographical location – without factoring in previous job titles. In other words, if you can do it, tilr will connect you to an employer. It just launched in September, so it’s unclear if the site is being most used by hourly, skilled, or white collar workers.
  • LineHire: LineHire claims to be a job board that finds and prescreens candidates that aren’t looking for jobs on job boards – kind of a neat trick, eh? So what really happens is that an employer submits their job; LineHire turns it over to ‘Talent Scouts’ (recruiters); and then at least 10 to 20 candidates are sent to the employers. The cost? $899 up front and $1000-4000 upon hire. An interesting way to avoid working with a recruiting firm.
  • MentatThis candidate-focused tool combines resume writing with actual applying for jobs, along with some level of career coaching. For $50 a month, it might be a good fit for certain candidates.
  • BemavenAlso candidate-focused, Bemaven helps executives (and executive wanna-bes) to ‘build their personal brand’. In other words, they ghostwrite articles that you can push out on social media – and then become an ‘influencer’. The service starts at $199 a month. I guess it could be a time saver for a startup CEO who just doesn’t want to be bothered with the details of becoming famous.
  • HumanPredictionsThis predictive analytics service attempts to identify candidates who are ‘becoming active’ before they actually start looking for work. They do this through the analysis of “social media data, work history, and overall company information to make predictions about a person’s likeliness to change jobs.” Sounds interesting – and something that could work well if tied to a job board’s candidate database.
  • Side: Think a gig job platform for students. Although they make the rather interesting claim that “Work as we know it is dead”, Side offers students part time jobs with insurance and the promise that all employers have been screened. The service seems to be active only in London and Paris at the moment. I’ll be curious to see where it goes.
  • CopsForHireCan you guess what this site does? Yep – you can hire off-duty cops! The service targets anyone needing security for an event or gathering. Interestingly enough, the site also pitches the service to police departments as a way of handling off-duty requests for police presence. Seems like a good idea!
  • Visual.jobsCKR Interactive created this service as a way of driving up response to job ads. As you can probably guess, the job ads are pumped up with graphics, photos, and interactive features – and are also explicitly aimed for social media distribution. Seems like would be a logical partner for any job board looking to drive up candidate interaction.

Well, that’s enough for now. Did you notice the predominance of one-word names? If you see something new, interesting, cool, or otherwise noteworthy, let me know!

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