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LinkedIn, its clones, and other news of the online recruiting world

Latest News smallGeez, it was last year when I did a news roundup! Well, actually just about a month ago. But time flies…or hobbles along, or something. At any rate, things continue to happen in the online recruiting world, so I will keep reporting on them – here goes!

  • LinkedIn does a lot of stuff: LinkedIn has been busy lately: it is injecting more data analytics into its job listings, allowing users to see who else works at a given company, what their hiring policies are like, where they recruit, and so on. LinkedIn is also expanding Lynda, their recent learning platform purchase, to Roku – thus making it available to lots of folks. I’m sure more is coming.
  • SchooLinks wants to be like LinkedIn: SchooLinks is launching a LinkedIn-style networking and recruiting site where students, school recruiters and administrators can connect to find perfect matches. Originally the platform started with just listings, and it was called (ahem) School Listings.
  • inRecruit wants to be like LinkedIn, too!: inRecruit, a sports, social media and networking platform that assists high school athletes in maximizing their college recruitment experience has merged with Bownce LLC, a NCAA compliant recruiting platform focused on basketball. The newly combined company will support all aspects of the recruitment process for student athletes, college coaches, and media. I’m detecting a theme here.
  • Textio raises some cashTextio, a startup that analyzes text for how well words and phrases perform in certain scenarios, raised $8 million in a financing round led by Emergence Capital. Cowboy Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, and Upside Partnership also participated in the financing round. Textio’s first tool looks at talent acquisition documents — like job postings — to determine how well they will perform among candidates.
  • TaxJobs launchesA new site from an experienced player in the tax industry – TaxTalent has launched TaxJobs, the 4th offering from the company. The site features an index of tax jobs that tracks hiring activity on a national, regional or local level. TaxJobs also offers a Tax Hiring Campaign service – they write job ads for employers.
  • GlassDoor pumps up its search tool Through Glassdoor’s new job search, job seekers can browse multiple listings alongside company star ratings, read full job descriptions and research companies — all through a single window. The new job search experience automatically integrates available ratings and reviews, salary data and office photos into job listings. Employers can also elect to enhance their job listings with custom branding and messaging.
  • HackerRank adds jobs HackerRank has launched HackerRank Jobs, a job search app that connects companies directly with software engineers who are looking for a new job. Like all of HackerRank’s products, HackerRank Jobs focuses on coding challenges. The company isn’t currently charging for listings on the service, but in the near future, companies will have to pay.
  • Indeed lifts vacation capIndeed has decided to remove limits on the amount of holiday time its 230 Irish employees can take each year in the hope it will boost creativity and productivity. The company recently announced it would relocate its Irish operation to St Stephen’s Green in Dublin and would double the size of its workforce in Ireland over the next two years. No word on whether this policy will migrate back to Austin, though. In other Indeed news, they hired Lita Ford to promote the site – among others.

That’s all for now, folks – more soon!

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