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Learn something! Webinars, summits, and more

conferencesOn the eve of a blizzard (and of course the Iowa caucuses), I prefer to look forward – to greener pastures and sunny days. Some would call me delusional. I call it self-preservation. The spring and summer options for learning and doing are coming in fast and furious, though, so I thought I would run down what’s coming – so you can get involved, learn something, and (maybe) do a little business, too!:

  • 6 key trends for online recruiting in 2016 (Webinar):  On Tuesday, Feb. 23, I will be conducting this webinar on what I see as the key trends for our industry in 2016. These aren’t guesses about what might happen – they are trends that are happening right now, on the ground, and they will undoubtedly affect you. The webinar – sponsored by Madgex – is free, so I hope you will join me for info and (hopefully) lots of Q&A. Register here.
  • 2016 TAtech/JobBoardDoctor Global Job Board Trends Survey : (Survey) Go ahead, say that five times fast! Despite the unwieldy name, this survey (which has been running since 2009) provides extremely useful information about our industry – but for it to succeed, we need you to participate. It will take you less than 8 minutes to complete, and we’ll send you the results to boot! This year Talenetic is sponsoring – thanks guys! Take the survey here. Now.
  • TATech Spring Conference (meeting): This conference (formerly IAEWS) has some great content – and excellent networking options. Many deals have been made, trust me. It also helps that it is in Orlando, April 16-17 (as opposed to, say, July in Orlando). Come a day early and take my workshop – then stay for 2 days of learning and fun. Register here.
  • JobG8 North American Job Board Summit (meeting): This industry conference – sponsored by JobG8 – is always full of great info on the technology and trends affecting our industry. Like TAtech, it offers great networking, too. I consider the 2 meetings complementary – and if you can, attending both can be a real info-boost. This year the Summit is in Chicago, June 23-24. Hope to see you there! Register here.

There you go – many opportunities to learn, discover, and grow. I will be at or in all of these – so stop by and say hi, whether that be ‘virtually’ or ‘in person’. Onward!

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