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A new resource added to Job Board Doctor

One of my goals at Job Board Doctor is to provide resources for job boards. My first attempt was the listing of job board software (which has been updated many times!). I also hope that my blog posts serve this function – at least some of the time.

But I’ve also know that there are many other types of services out there for job boards that don’t fall under the guise of job board software – things like aggregation, site optimization, affiliates, and so on. So I’ve now embarked on a new resource page: Suppliers. I’ve started the list – but I know it will grow (and I hope you help me with your suggestions). The descriptions are free of fluff (at least, as much as I can make them) – they are just there to help you figure out the type of service offered. So far, we have a few general categories of services:

  • job aggregation
  • PPC advertising
  • job posting/distribution
  • outsourced sales/marketing
  • job wrapping/spidering
  • social media services
  • ad campaign management
  • resume parsing
  • resume creation / modification services

But it’s early days yet. And I (as always) need your help to make this resource better. So contact me with your suggestions/changes/whatever. And – I hope you find this resource useful!

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