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LinkedIn Sues, Zip Raises: News Of The Recruitment Marketing World

LinkedIn sues, Zip raises: news of the recruitment marketing world

Fall is in the air (at least in Iowa) but activity in the recruitment marketing…

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Job Postings Are Commodities…so What’s Next?

Job postings are what's next?

NOTE: The Doctor is out this week, checking out the new TATech Conference & Expo in…

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CareerBuilder For Sale!: Big Company Shenanigans And The Rest Of Us

CareerBuilder for sale!: big company shenanigans and the rest of us

The news was surprising: Tegna was putting CareerBuilder up for sale. Tegna, which owns 53%…

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Revenue creation is the lifeblood of any job board or recruiting site – and it just happens to be both a passion and specialty of mine. I can help you with marketing and sales plans, product design and pricing, positioning and branding, and much more.


At some point, your business will reach a fork in the road – and sometimes an outside perspective can help. I can provide you with market research, business valuation, perspective on industry trends, and modifying or overhauling your revenue model.


Ever wonder if your site is really connecting to employers and job seekers? Are there features or functions that are missing or need improvement? With hundreds of site analyses and software recommendations under my belt, I can provide the advice and recommendations you need.


Focused, industry-specific training can make a big difference for your job board’s success. I provide online and offline training for and marketing staff, deliver classes on important industry trends and issues, and dive into the specifics on how and why clients need your services.