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I did my last round up of new job boards and recruiting sites a few months back - and here I am again with a new list. I think this speaks to the vitality of the recruiting industry - and the continuing challenge for employers in finding the right hires. At any rate, let's take [...]

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It's been months since my last overview of new, new-ish, and interesting job boards / recruiting sites / sites that refuse to be called job boards. Strangely enough, that hasn't stopped the wave of entrants into our industry. So without further ado, let's take a look at some of these contenders: Industry: With a good logo, [...]

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You know it's always sunny in San Diego - except when IAEWS is in town. The sun finally peeked out on Sunday (pun intended) but I suspect the locals were more than happy for some grey and drizzle. Besides, we weren't there for the weather, right? It was all about the recruiters. The conference theme was [...]

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Well, another 30 days has come and gone - and not surprisingly, things have happened in the job board and online recruiting industry. Has anything affected your business? Let's find out: LinkedIn limits API usage: LinkedIn is restricting access to most of its application programming interfaces (APIs) to companies that have struck up partnerships with the social networking [...]

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7 Big Trends shaping the job board industry in 2015

It's that time of the year, when everyone and their uncle is either looking back, telling you what happened, or looking forward and predicting the future. I like the old Magic 8 ball as much as the next guy, so I've decide to throw my hat into the ring as a prognosticator. Just think - this time [...]

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December is here, and as you might guess, activity has continued unabated in the online recruiting and job board world. Let's see what's happened lately:  Indeed goes public, kind of: Recruit, the parent company of Indeed, went public in October. The 7 percent climb in its initial share price came amid a decline for the overall market [...]

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I want to invite you to join me on Wednesday, November 5th, when I explore how to drive up your job board's revenue - without spending a bundle. This free webinar (courtesy of Adicio) will cover the following key topics: The importance of embracing new job board technology How to leverage social media Why mobile [...]

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What a job board doctor really does

Note: The Doctor is on vacation! This is a post from the past - enjoy. In my recent survey of readers, several asked for more information about what I actually do (other than write these blog posts, I suppose). I do cover a bit of this on the website, but I thought I'd make it more specific. So...what [...]

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Number-fied: what I learned at the JobG8 summit

There is just nothing like late June in Orlando (unless perhaps you prefer mid-July): 95% humidity, temperatures hovering in the low 90s, and drenching thunderstorms with sheet lightning. Oh, and don't forget the tourists! So I was initially not so excited when I learned that the JobG8 Summit followed SHRM - in Orlando, in late [...]

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It's a fine line between cool and fool - just ask BranchOut or any of the dozens of other services that have launched and flamed out during the past several years. You start out as the hip new kid on the block, promising to 'revolutionize' recruiting as we know it - and then stuff happens. [...]

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