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Overwhelmed!!: another roundup of new recruiting sites

RoundupSo LinkedIn is having a tough time and there are rumblings of economic slowdown. Is that stopping our industry? Um, no. Although I started the year with a bunch of new sites, already my in-basket is overflowing. Let’s take a look at what’s popping up in the online recruiting space!

  • Weave: Remember when LinkedIn was actually about networking? Weave does. This mobile app is designed simply to network with others – which no doubt involves some recruiting along the way. I’ll be interested to see where it goes.
  • Good&Co: A mobile-first assessment tool, Good&Co (also known as calls itself a ‘self discovery tool’. It has a “Proprietary Psychometric Algorithm” that leads to a result they call the ‘love child of eHarmony and LinkedIn’. Wonder what Elevate (the true love child of eHarmony and a job board) has to say about that?
  • Remote/OkA relatively straightforward job board that focuses exclusively on ‘remote jobs for digital nomads’. Interestingly enough, the fellow that created it also has an ‘origin story‘ for the site that’s pretty detailed. A different kind of aggregator, really.
  • WooWoo’s calling card is anonymity – an IT job seeker (of course!) can put together their dream list of demands and desires, and then (theoretically) potential employers come calling. But the employers don’t know who you are until you tell them. The site has been around since 2014, but I’ve just discovered them – so I’m calling them ‘new’!
  • ArcticStartupThis site is actually a hub focused on startups from the Nordic and Baltic countries (that’s Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Russia, in case you didn’t know). It has a nice mix of jobs, news, podcasts, and its own startup conference. Cool – or at least arctic.
  • Jobspresso: Something in the air, I guess – this is another ‘remote jobs in IT’ site. Almost half the traffic comes from outside the U.S. – so get on your walking shoes!
  • DebutDebut claims to be ‘the world’s first mobile student and graduate careers platform.’ Not sure about that, but in addition to the usual ‘have employers discover you’ options, it also has employer-designed ‘games’ that job seekers can take (and win prizes!). It will be interesting to see where this U.K.-based service goes.
  • WorkHere: This is a location-based mobile app (and website) that helps people searching for low- and mid-skill jobs. The listings come from Direct Employers (which makes sense, as the founders also worked there). The company is currently up and running, but looking for additional funding.
  • TalentSignalsThis is a bit different – a search engine that scans other sites to locate developers with specific coding skills. In other words, a people aggregator. Still in beta.
  • CatapultCatapult is a U.K. based mobile-first site for temp jobs – or as they say, ‘jobs without interviews’. We’ll see what HR says about that! As with some of the other mobile-first service covered here, the job seeker creates a profile and the ‘jobs come to you’. I kind of like the idea of jobs chasing job seekers.
  • WorkAmerica: This site focuses on skilled trades, health and IT job seekers. It appears to be tied into lots of vocational schools, and is also using the profile method so popular with many other new sites.
  • ResourceResource is essentially ‘sourcing on demand’ for employers, recruiters, and startups. It claims to use big data and proprietary tools to drive candidates to employers. An interesting take on the traditional job board’s ‘source and screen’ services.

Well, that’s all for now (although I still have another dozen in my database, believe it or not). Based on this list, I’d say our industry is still going strong!

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  1. Again, a fantastic list of jobboard sites making rounds online. I wonder from where you get them Dr. I am envy now of your list and can I get the access to your list, I’ll keep a watch closely on your next post. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Hi, I’m Wade (one of the founders of Resource). Thanks for mentioning us in your roundup!

    A little more about Resource: We use a combination of humans + AI to source awesome candidates for companies like Postmates, Blippar and several others — fast. We use your team’s identity to reach target candidates who reply directly to your inbox, automagically.

    We’re not an agency or just another SaaS product — we’re an automated outbound recruiting solution that works far better than human sourcers or agencies.

    Feel free to ask any Qs here, or email me at wade[at]

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