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Recruiting apps, matching, and more: another roundup of new recruiting sites

recruiting appsDespite the recent hoopla about Google Jobs, the job board and recruiting site world continues to see a steady stream of new sites and services (such as recruiting apps). One size obviously doesn’t fit all, and (to add to my cliches) there is always someone building what they believe to be a better mouse trap. My last look at new sites was almost 3 months ago, so it’s certainly time for an update! Let’s see what we have:

  • RakeRake is an Apple-only app that allows job seekers to save jobs from multiple job boards, then organize the jobs, apply to them (but not via Rake), and track activity. In other words, nothing new – except the cross-site functionality. The app is ‘optimized’ for Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, Zip Recruiter, Career Builder and LinkedIn. I’m betting this won’t survive.
  • AptoZen: This service is a spin on the ‘pre-selected and vetted’ pool of candidates model: employers can access AptoZen’s pool, and can upgrade to additional services like an evaluation of the employer’s team, a hire guarantee, personality analyses, and creation of job ads. Sounds a lot like a full service recruiting firm to me!
  • Experience EnergyThis is basically a niche job board – but it’s focused on diversity hiring in the energy sector, so a bit of a new take. It’s a service of Pink Petro, which focuses on hiring women in the energy field. I suspect this will fill a need in the industry.
  • VitijobVitijob is a niche site focused on the wine industry – and based in France. The site is actually part of a group of sites, including Vitisphere, which links suppliers and producers, and Intervignes, a site for buying and selling vineyards and related property. Interesting vertical integration!
  • Shjft: Germany’s Shjft focuses on the hospitality industry, and includes the (by now) usual candidate-focused app. The business has already gone through one round of funding, and another is on the horizon. This industry continues to draw considerable interest around the world – which makes sense. Labor supply is very limited.
  • YuemeyIt’s another app! Yuemey claims to target millennials by including a ‘personal career coach’ that suggests jobs to the user, via voice-enabled reminders, actions, etc. As they say, ‘Content is out, Visual is in’. So don’t expect much text. Currently only available on Apple.
  • NextioNextio tries to solve the problem of unsolicited – but potentially valuable – inquiries by having users put a price on the inbound message. The user sets a price of, say, $1, to accept a message from someone they don’t know. They can also set what categories of subjects they care about – and those message would be free. Think InMails, basically. Nextio is also a career site, pulling in listings from the Indeed job-listing aggregator. Interesting.
  • RiminderIt’s another French startup! Riminder (not so sure about the name, folks) generates candidate rankings for open jobs by comparing applicant resumes against resumes from current employees and others in the world with similar job titles. Its software then combines computer vision and natural language processing to build profiles of what ideal resumes should look like for specific roles. The final results look like a picture of a spider’s web, with different strands tied to different skills. The company views its software as a supplement to recruiters, not a replacement. Brilent!
  • SandboxxSandboxx (just had to have 2 Xs, didn’t we?) is a social network for military veterans. The mobile-focused service has features for current enlistees as well as those already out of service, and also includes a travel service. The purpose of all this connection? Yep, you guessed it – recruiting!

That’s enough for now (believe me, there were more!). Be sure to let me know if you’ve seen a new, interesting, or unusual recruiting startup!

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