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They caught my eye: a bushel of recruiting sites

recruiting sitesJust back from TAtech (and will have a sum-up shortly), but in the meantime I continue to discover new job boards, recruiting sites, and other interesting recruiting startups. The last roundup was over a month ago, so I guess I’m due for a new one – and here it is:

  • SkeeledAs they say, ‘we screen, you hire’ – one of the more succinct tag lines I’ve seen in a while. This Luxembourg/Belgium company already works with a number of job boards – and I suspect they’d be happy to work with yours. The screening sits between the ‘Apply’ button and the employer’s ATS. An interesting approach that also includes video.
  • CloudPeepsThe name makes me think of extraordinarily fluffy Easter candy – but in fact this is a site that supplies freelance PR, writers, and social media types to clients. Does the world need another freelancer site/virtual staffing company? Well, it doesn’t really matter, because CloudPeeps is only one of literally dozens I’ve seen over the past year.
  • RefugeesWork: This Austrian site connects refugees with work – a timely service given the current situation in Europe. The job board also includes info for refugees on who can work, and for how long. As you might guess, RefugeesWork makes a diversity pitch to employers. I hope it succeeds!
  • CorrelationOneAn excellent name for a recruiting site focused on data scientists, in my opinion. Candidates can build a portfolio to show prospective employers, take tests, and receive coaching. Nice implementation – worth a look.
  • CornerJob: You create your profile in 1 minute, click on a job to apply – and the site promises you’ll get a response in 24 hours. This mobile-centric service is covering France, Spain, Mexico, and Italy – an eclectic mix for the job seeker. The founders focus on “low-skill, high-turnover recruitment”, and claim that they’re getting 500,000 app downloads a month.
  • Scorify: As the site says, “Do not ask a developer if he knows programming. Ask him to write lines of codes instead!”. Nevertheless – the employer will need to know a bit about code in order to set up their test. The system seems to be pretty automated – so it could be useful to any employer hiring lots of coders.
  • SparcStartAs the copy says, “Passive candidates aren’t looking at job boards.” Ok. But apparently they are looking at jobs sent through the SparcStart marketing system – what they call a ‘MatchClick’ posting, with videos from the employer, salary, etc. They are also integrated with eQuest.
  • TalifyTalify targets college grads looking for their first jobs – primarily by having the grads create profiles, then matching them to jobs. This job board, from Kiosite, is one half of a recruiting service they provide (the other being HireTrue, an ATS-like screening tool). There is also some candidate coaching in there, and a few other things I probably missed. The college grad market is crowded!
  • CareersUnbound: CareersUnbound is a people aggregator – they gather up candidate profiles, analyze them via a tool called instaTalent, then ranks them for job fit. At this point they are focusing on IT, healthcare, and business candidates. Interesting.
  • Funzi: Good name! This Finnish startup focusing on delivering job seeker training via mobile devices. As they say, “courses are delivered like a pack of cards broken down into smaller, easily understood and digestible sections.” The content is still pretty limited, but it seems like a great platform. Might be a good partner for the right job board.

Wow. As you can, there is no shortage of ideas or recruiting sites out there. Until the next time around, I will be keeping my eyes open!

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  1. Thanks for the mention of CloudPeeps. I’m the founder – I had the idea back in 2010 when the only freelance marketplaces and platforms out there were about outsourcing to lower cost countries. I agree that there are hundreds of sites for job hunting launched each year – with many that do not occupy a niche or get any real traction. Our key at CloudPeeps is in the quality of the professionals we’ve attracted and the community that’s been built.

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