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Change is gonna come: more job boards and recruiting sites

CHANGESI did my last round up of new job boards and recruiting sites a few months back – and here I am again with a new list. I think this speaks to the vitality of the recruiting industry – and the continuing challenge for employers in finding the right hires. At any rate, let’s take a look at these newbies and (perhaps) not-so-newbies:

  • HigherMe: Wading into the hourly and retail labor market, HigherMe offers to ‘match’ candidates to jobs – and even automatically apply to jobs for the candidate. A few interesting twists: candidates are encouraged to record a video intro, and HigherMe does some psychometric testing to help in the matching process. Interesting.
  • BeameryNormally I don’t include products that don’t quite exist, but I’m making an exception for Beamery. Why? Because it is (yet another) recruitment marketing platform. We’ve seen a number of these come out over the past few years, and I expect more. I think traditional job boards can learn a lot from looking at platforms like Bullhorn, Smashfly, etc. Now you can add Beamery to the list. Oh, and here’s another one. Um…and another one.
  • HipHireIn addition to taking a jab at ‘sketchy, old school job boards’, HipHire focuses exclusively on part-time jobs.  The interesting twist: employers pay on an increasing scale for candidates that ‘match’ their jobs, from $2.50 for a ‘fair connection’ to $7.50 for the ‘best connection’.
  • ZynCareersIt’s a…..matching site! Promising to help candidates ‘find their happy place’, ZynCareers puts candidates through a series of 53(!) questions (nice graphics), at the end of which you are matched to a bunch of employers. Unusual features include a ‘rate the employer’ survey and ‘guru consultation’ on interviews, resumes, etc. The company has an impressive roster of advisors. We’ll see how it plays out.
  • Reflik: Turn your social media connections into big cash! That’s the basic premise of Reflik, a referral platform that encourages candidates to refer their friends for cash bonuses, and recruiters to use the site to find their next hire. Reflik can also be used as a ‘closed’ system, limiting access to a specific company. (Oh – and here’s another referral site).
  • SkillGigs: The self-described ‘job auction’ site encourages candidates to set up a ‘3D resume’ – basically a resume with graphics. SkillGigs also using some type of matching technology to link employers to candidates in the healthcare and tech industries. Employers pay either 10% of the candidate’s salary in one payment, or 1% in 15 monthly payments – and they get to use the SkillGigs Robo Recruiter!
  • Universal AvenueOk, this one is different – Universal Avenue is an on-demand app/marketplace for ‘brand ambassadors’ (i.e., salespeople) to work on a gig basis for employers needing sales and marketing help. The Swedish startup is particularly focused on companies that are moving into new markets and want native salespeople – without incurring the fixed costs of hiring someone full time. Can a good salesperson do better using the service than he/she would do in a traditional job? I guess we’ll find out.
  • Makerbase: Not a recruiting site, really – but related. Makerbase is a place for ‘makers’ to show what they’ve done – whether it worked or not. As you might guess, it’s very tech-centric – but would be a logical place for recruiters to find candidates, and candidates to strut their stuff. Tech job boards like Dice should have something like this.
  • RemootNot sure about the name – but Remoot is an invitation-only community for job seekers that matches them to jobs and provides advice on resumes and offers. They claim to manually screen all members, and also provide some type of ATS for employers.
  • Varsidee: This test-based site has the employer create a ‘job Tryout’ that candidates must take – no resume or profile is submitted. Based on the results, the employer then makes a decision on further action. Varsidee also includes what looks like a light ATS to facilitate candidate communication and management.
  • Staffly: As its name implies, Staffly is actually a staffing site – specifically, for part-time workers in the retail industry. Staffly screens, pays, and insures its workers – and the system is very much mobile-focused. You will not be surprised to learn that it is based in San Francisco.

Whew! Amazing what 2 months generates in our industry, eh? I’ll check in later this year with what I am sure will be another round of interesting, unusual, and cool companies.

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  1. Vow! was expecting this one. Just visited few of the websites listed, looks promising. New jobboards are consistently under discovery of new value prepositions. I’m happy to see many of them giving value to the end user first, i.e. Applicants.

    Also, this is my favorite one-stop for new jobboards and any industry happenings. Credit to the jobboard doctor for consistent research and vigilant work. Good job!

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