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the candidate's world

The surprising complexity of the candidate’s world

If you're talking about the candidate's world, you tend to use shorthand to talk about what happens: 'active' candidates, 'passive' candidates, applies, cost of hire, and so on. No surprise - every industry relies on verbal shortcuts - otherwise we'd…

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the job candidate

It’s always about the job candidate. Really.

The most common mistake I see job board startups make is completely understandable. They spend all of their time and effort thinking about the employer. Why? Because that's (usually) where the money is. They're wrong. If you don't have the…

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career research tool

The perfect career research tool is the job board

Candidates need a good, basic career research tool - this is just a fact. And I've talked before about how job boards are evolving to meet the changing needs of both employers and candidates. I've also talked about how some boards…

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referral networks

A happy marriage? Job boards and referral networks

For a number of years, the CareerXroads Source of Hire study has identified referrals, career sites,  and job boards as the #1, #2, and #3 sources of external hires, respectively. Much of the traffic that career sites receive comes directly from job…

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