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Overwhelming: more new recruiting (and related) sites!

overwhelmedI admit – even after doing these roundups of new and unusual recruiting-related sites for many years – it’s a bit overwhelming. Last time out, I pointed out 8 sites that I thought were pretty interesting. Well, it’s barely 3 months later and I have a new batch – and trust me when I say this only represents a fraction of the sites I’ve bookmarked! It’s impressive, amazing, and a testament to the vitality of the online recruiting industry. So let’s get to it:

  • PotknoxGotta love the name. This is a cloud-based screening system for tech candidates. They claim to combine the standard online skills testing with psychometric testing, so that you get the best of the best. This is, of course, a crowded field – can we say TrueAbility, Codility, Gild, etc.?
  • PowerToFlyThis site provides vetted female developers to companies worldwide. In essence, it’s a narrowly focused staffing company with a twist. All positions are remote, and hours worked are determined by the developer. Interesting.
  • RaiseYourFlagOne of the more unusual sites I’ve seen, RaiseYourFlag focuses on career paths – how a candidate can get from point A to point B. These paths are (of course) also connected to real jobs, which the candidate can apply for – and another nice feature is how related jobs are shown as well. An unusual approach to a common problem.
  • 10MinutesWith: This site focuses on college grads, providing them with video interviews from various employers (broken out by category), a forum-like area for career Q&A, and (of course) job postings. 10MinutesWith is currently focused on London, Bejing, and Singapore – but I’m sure they’ll be expanding.
  • SwitchYou knew I couldn’t do one of these roundups without at least one matching site – so Switch is it. The tech-focused app (iOS only) is ‘Tinder for jobs‘ – in other words, you browse jobs, swipe the ones you like, and have wild crazy… um, no, you connect with hiring managers.
  • InterviewJetTech folks ‘apply’ for membership, are screened, and then presented to employers. Sounds a little like a recruiting company, eh? But those interview ‘flights’ are taking off soon!
  • HackajobThis site (again focused on tech) asks candidates to perform a ‘hack’ – basically a development test. You get scored, you rise on the leaderboard – and hopefully an employer will notice. The Darwinian approach to hiring!
  • HackerslistSimilar name, different site. Hackerslist claims to offer access to ‘professional’ hackers for those unusual and perhaps discrete development jobs you need done every now and then.
  • GlintsA site targeting internships, with an application tracking tool for candidates, and claiming to offer only curated positions. This Singapore-based startup has 8000 candidates, but is still building an inventory of jobs from what I could see.

How long will the onslaught of startups continue? Who knows – but I’m having a blast covering it! Keep ’em coming!!

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