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Finding work: how job seekers in 3 countries do it (SURVEY RESULTS)

job seekers in 3 countriesTo improve how your job board or recruiting site functions, you need to go right to the core consumer – specifically, the job seeker. In order to better understand exactly how job seekers look for work (and where they do it), Madgex and JobBoardDoctor conducted a survey last year to find out. We contacted job seekers in 3 countries (via a random sample provided by Survey Sampling International): the United States, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

So what are some of the key findings?:

  • Germans relied on newspaper ads as their primary method for finding jobs (57%), while U.S. and U.K. job seekers relied on job search engines (49% and 57%, respectively)
  • When rating which job search tools for value, U.S. job seekers chose referrals (74%), while German job seekers chose newspaper ads and referrals (both 66%); U.K. job seekers chose job search engines (61%)
  • None of the respondents in all three countries found it useful to upload a video CV/resume.
  • The most critical factors in choosing a job search tool for all three countries were “Jobs in my location & Jobs in my industry/sector”
  • The top uses of job boards for job seekers in all three countries: 1) Locate jobs and apply on the employer’s site; 2) Research jobs; 3) Identify employers.
  • Employers that include salary information with their job postings are much more likely to get response from job seekers

There is more – much more. It’s yours for the taking – click here to register and download. I encourage you to do so – and then use the data on what job seekers in 3 countries are doing to improve your job board or recruiting site.

Many thanks to the folks at Madgex for their involvement and support!

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  1. In The Netherlands there are to my knowledge two yearly surveys on how people orientate on looking for a new job. Thought it would be nice to share this with you.

    You’ve got the AGO survey (by the Intelligence group – paid +8.000 respondents) and the NOA (foundation NOA “national labour market survey” – free +5.000 respondents) with their last results from 2015 (2016 coming soon).

    The report shows more info but these are the most used recruitment channels in NL:

    – Online 76%
    – Personal network 58%
    – Print 57%
    – Recruitment agency 24%
    – Job events 11%

    If we dig in deeper into online, they orientate most on:

    – Job Boards 56%
    – Profile/CV on job board 37%
    – Career pages 32%
    – (job) Search engine 30%
    – Job agent (email) 27%
    – Social 17%

    You can find the report here (Warning, it’s in Dutch)

    Pretty different right!



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