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Hiring in the age of anxiety and scarcity

As an industry, we have always been the beneficiary of employers' hiring anxiety. Why would they bother to use a job board or recruiting service if they weren't at least a little bit anxious about their own abilities to fill…

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The power of incremental improvements: LinkedIn shows the way

Although I'm hardly a LinkedIn fan-boy, I've found their strategy since acquisition by Microsoft quite interesting. As many predicted, they've become enmeshed with Microsoft's various enterprise products. But they've also continued to grow their own product via what I call incremental…

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Google Jobs again: the sky is falling edition

Last week I walked through the Google Jobs initiative, which is comprised of a specific way of marking up job ads (and letting Google know you did), and the Cloud Jobs API, which addresses job search. There is a third…

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Job boards and department stores

Remember department stores? I do. I remember going to Hubbards, our local version - riding up the escalator to the men's department in the 2nd floor, and of course the reverse path to the toy department in the basement. You…

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Life after job postings

I was discussing Indeed with some other folks at the JobG8 conference (what a surprise, right?), and one person made a comment that really stuck with me. "Google can wreck Indeed's business anytime they want, simply by changing their search…

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