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Monikl, flocks, and malls: new and interesting recruitment offerings

MoniklBack in October I took a look at some new and interesting recruitment offerings. Well jeez, that was last year! So I figured it was time to take another look at what has been popping up in our industry. In no particular order, here they are:

  • FindMyFlockYou’ve got to give them points for the name – although these jobs are mostly technical, and not necessarily birdlike. Some of the companies are ‘vetted’ by the site’s staff for diversity and inclusion, and team culture – and those jobs get a green checkmark. But if you want to see the jobs, you have to complete a profile first – a model I’ve seen pop up with a number of startups out there. FindMyFlock also says it will provide interviewing help if you are invited to interview for a job. Interesting – but it could be hard to scale up.
  • Mary’s ListThis site focuses on the cannabis industry – specifically, freelancers and service providers wanting to connect with cannabis companies (thus, the name). The advertisers pays $10 per job post, and the freelancers pay $1 to apply to a job. Project payment happens via the Mary’s List payment processing system. The platform also includes a chat feature so the two sides can communicate. In other words, Upwork for the weed world. This space is getting crowded – in fact, I could probably write a post focused only on cannabis startups. But this site has potential – if it can market itself.
  • WorkSceneWorkScene’s basic pitch is one that is no doubt attractive to HR departments: free yourself from the IT department by creating and managing your own career site – and drive up your candidate flow. The platform can handle videos, job postings, and written content – but the real value seems to come from being able to manage the site using HR staff, and getting stats on job seeker activity. It’s also mobile-friendly and will tie into a company’s ATS – a must for this type of product. Not a unique idea, but it seems to be well designed and it has some enthusiastic users.
  • MoniklYou knew I wasn’t going to get through this without mentioned AI at least once! Monikle uses AI to match job seekers to companies. The site, which has gotten funding grants from both Google and Microsoft, has both companies and job seekers fill out a profile (sound familiar?), then serves up matching jobs to the candidates. The mobile version also includes geolocation to find a job nearby, and lets the job seeker complete a profile with a ‘swipe of the finger’. It says it ‘isn’t a job board’ – but methinks it is.
  • ContentAppContentApp (or Content? I saw it referred both ways) claims to be a recruiting team’s ‘new social media assistant’. In other words, it’s a platform for sharing an employer’s content, jobs, and anything else relevant to recruiting (sounds like it might be related to WorkScene!). It scans news feeds and texts the user when it finds something ‘relevant’ to share – a feature that could be useful in increasing the activity and impact of a company’s social media efforts. It also alerts the user to any ‘bad news’ concerning the company. One of the founders of ContentApp is Kelly Robinson, who previously founded Broadbean – so I’d say it has a good chance of survival.
  • JobzMallI saved the ‘best’ for last – I mean, what can you say about a site that says ‘you lasted 6 seconds’ with a picture of a glum guy next to a sleeping woman while promoting their ability to promote his resume? The site actually incorporates a number of things we’ve seen before – a ‘mall’ motif to discover jobs, a backend light ATS for employers, and lots of graphics. Add a ‘job boards are dead’ pitch, and you’ve got JobzMall. Although it claims to target ‘young job seekers’, I suspect those candidates will actually be turned off.

That’s it for now. If you’ve seen an interesting job board or recruiting site – whether it worked or not – feel free to pass it on to me. And in the meantime, please – no sexually suggestive cheesy web ads, ok?

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