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Yudu, Eightfold, and more: some pretty interesting recruiting sites

EightfoldIt’s been a while – but not too long – since I’ve looked at new sites and services in the recruitment marketing world. New ones roll out all the time, so I thought it was worth a look at some of the more interesting ones. No particular order – just what I’ve stumbled upon!

  • YuduWe all know about career hubs – they’ve been around since the dawn of the industry and continue to be quite popular. But what about a site where the candidate chooses which hub they want? That’s Yudu. The New Zealand-based site offers hubs for hospitality, sales, education, and 9 other verticals. It also has candidate tools like a personality test, salary surveys, and company profiles. An interesting approach and interesting name.
  • HirevibesThis site mixes lots of stuff together – cryptocurrency, referrals, and charity gifts. Really. Basically, the candidate can theoretically get hired via referrals from ‘the crowd’; then get rewarded in cryptocurrency for either applying to a job or referring someone; and giving their reward to ‘qualified charities’. Sounds kind of complicated to me.
  • StartMondayA mobile-first service that targets the hospitality industry, StartMonday focuses on quick applications (15 seconds!) and integration of phone and video screening. As it is set up as a recruiting platform rather than a traditional job board, employers can integrate the features directly into their career site. The Netherlands-based company is now moving into the North American market. Smart approach for this market, but they will have plenty of competitors.
  • JustArrivedThis site is refreshing in its approach to candidates – it targets those who are newly arrived from other countries. The Swedish site’s feature set is fairly standard – candidate profiles, job listings, and so on – but with the focus on employers who want to hire immigrants, JustArrived differentiates itself from the run-of-the-mill recruiting site. Pretty cool.
  • Eightfold: OK, you knew there would have to be at least one AI-focused service – and you were right! Eightfold is essentially a sourcing tool that uses AI to dig through multiple candidate databases – either yours or theirs – to find the candidate(s) wanted. It claims to also discover those mostly likely to engage with the employer. All this and it says it does it in a fraction of the time of conventional tools. In my opinion, this is the kind of tool that conventional job boards should purchase and integrate into their offerings. But who listens to me?
  • WonderkindAnother AI-fueled tool and (honestly) not that new – they started in 2016. But they’re new to me! Wonderkind says that they are an automated job ad technology platform – basically, they take the employer’s job ad, analyze it, then send it out to ‘the entire internet’ based on their AI-infused analysis. We’ve seen this before – but the Amsterdam-based company has grown rapidly, so they must be doing something right.
  • FlashRecruit: A simple idea – real time chat built specifically for recruiting. FlashRecruit has a mobile app that allows recruiters to chat with candidates and answer questions about their company or position. The company claims that the  FlashRecruit widget can be integrated into any career site or job board. Makes sense to me – and another type of tool that recruiting sites should be adding to their services.
  • MyPeopleNowOdd – and I do mean odd – jobs, anyone? MyPeopleNow is “a peer-to-peer marketplace for buying, selling, and exchanging unique experiences and services.” So, what does that mean? We’re talking services like ‘intuitive healer’, ‘airbrush artist’, ‘wash and fold’, and ‘bedazzled custom crafting’. Basically, Etsy meets Upwork. An interesting idea – I’ll be curious if it has staying power.

OK, there were a few more AI-related sites in the hopper, but I just couldn’t write another word! Maybe next time. Be sure to send me any interesting sites/services that you see!

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