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Are these names Brilent?: new recruiting sites and services

BrilentIt’s been almost 2 months since my last look at new recruiting sites and services. Not surprisingly, that hasn’t stopped the startups – they just keep on coming. You will no doubt note a ‘theme’ in my comments this time around – but I’ll leave that for you to discover. Here we go!:

  • BrilentBrilent calls itself an ‘intelligent candidate recommendation engine’. Yes, we’re talking AI. Specifically, it sits alongside an employer’s ATS, ranks incoming candidates against any existing open jobs, and even offers an estimate of the candidate’s likelihood of changing to a new job. Nice as a stand-alone – would be even better built into a job board or recruitment marketing platform, in my humble opinion.
  • EmployrrYes, I know, annoying name (looking at you, Randrr!). They says they are a “job search platform helping companies with automated recruitment, AI based curation, smartest job filters and best ever candidate analytics dashboard for recruiters.” I think that hits all the popular buzzwords, at least! Under the hood, though, it will look familiar: post a job, search resumes, and share jobs. Hmm.
  • AmazeTal: Well, they’re not pulling any punches. Here’s what they tell candidates: “Your completed profile will help you land your dream job and own your career.” I didn’t realize it was that easy! Anyway – the ‘twist’ seems to be that AmazeTal has ‘industry experts’ vet candidate profiles, which are then pushed to employers. Candidates and the ‘experts’ get paid when a hire happens – and the employer pays for it. Don’t see how this scales, but perhaps my imagination is jaded.
  • WhoIsHiring?: Pretty straightforward – a map showing where the jobs are for developers (my screen defaulted to the U.S.). Employer services are limited to job postings – and 10% of the posting price is donated to charity. Interesting project by a couple of developers who wanted something different.
  • BelongModestly calling themselves the ‘world’s first predictive outbound hiring solution”, Belong actually seems to be a recruitment marketing platform that: a) aggregates candidates from 90+ sources; b) uses AI to analyze a recruiter’s searching and interview patterns to improve results; c) provides verified contact info for candidates; and d) provides recruiter analytics. Pretty interesting.
  • rikroot’d: OK, I think it’s time to write the JobBoardDoctor guide to creating good company names! Really! Back to task: rikroot’d is a search engine for candidates to identify recruiters. Not surprisingly, there are also areas for recruiters and companies. Will be curious to see if this survives.
  • Ruutly: Ruutly is “a beautifully-branded, interactive candidate experience directly in your job postings.” The job postings do look nice – the only catch is that you will need to use Ruutly’s widget/code to make them look good elsewhere. Creative approach to a common problem.
  • GoodTimeNo, it’s not a recruiter’s bar – instead, GoodTime automates candidate scheduling by syncing the recruiting team calendars and finding the most optimal times to schedule interviews. A painful task when done by humans – and an excellent candidate for automation. I might also add that most job boards and recruiting sites should have something like GoodTime built into their offering.
  • PurpleSquirrel: OK, come on – this is a site that supposedly focuses on candidates, but its name is ‘inside lingo’ from the recruiter world! At least it makes an interesting graphic. The basic idea behind PurpleSquirrel: candidates pay to talk to current employees of a company that they’re targeting – at roughly $30 per half hour. I see 2 challenges here: a) it’s hard to get candidates to pay for anything, and b) why would a company want their employees to be spending worktime talking to candidates (and pocketing some beer money)? Nevertheless – I’ve been wrong before.
  • ZocketFinally a name I can get behind – or at least not push against. Zocket is “is a clickable career journey designed to help life-sciences professionals ask the right questions and make more confident, more strategic career decisions with complete and utter privacy.” Basically, candidates answer a lot of questions, which guides what jobs they see. Interesting that it focuses on life sciences. Again, I’ll be curious to see how it does.

All right – enough for now (and enough JBD ranting about names!). I promise that I will be back in a few months with more, more, more new sites and services!

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