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What’s going on: news of the online recruiting and job board industry

News RoundupAs 2013 draws to a close, it’s a good time to take one last look at what is actually going on in the job board industry. More acquisitions, revelations, and developments, actually – so let’s take a look:

  • JobsInLogistics acquires Net-Temps: It’s a case of two industry veterans becoming one – Don Firth’s JobsInLogistics has purchased Net-Temps, one of the earliest job boards. From Firth’s standpoint it certainly makes sense to add another solid site to his family of niche sites. Congratulations to Gregg and Sue Booth!
  • Dice reports Q3 revenue up 10%: Dice’s Q3 revenues of $52.6 million represented a year over year increase of 10%. Net income was down, however. The company also reported that 1,200 recruiters are using their new OpenWeb service. Oh, and by the way: they also acquired OnTargetJobs for $50 million. Busy folks over there!
  • Job hunters love mobile, says SimplyHiredAlthough this won’t be a surprise to you, SimplyHired reports that their mobile-based job search traffic jumped from 2.3 million in 2012 to 9.3 million in 2013. Mobile traffic now represents about 30% of the site’s total job search traffic.
  • Indeed expandsAfter launching their office in Ireland in March 2012 with 100 employers, Indeed is now planning to add another 100.
  • LinkedIn gets between you and your emailLinkedIn has launched Intro, a software product that embeds public LinkedIn profiles into emails received by iPhone users. This brought about immediate concerns about security and privacy. LinkedIn responded…vaguely. In other LI news, Q4 revenue is reported to be trailing analysts’ expectations.
  • Is Identified the new, improved LinkedIn?Identified, a big data and analytics company, claims that it has created the largest database of job candidates – 1 billion. The data has been pulled from publicly available sources and aggregated. Very interesting.
  • Beyond gets a patent: When JobFox sold its assets to Beyond, they also apparently conveyed a patent for ‘talent communities’. The big question: where will this end?
  • Doximity focuses on medical prosAs previously predicted, the market is spawning niche version of LinkedIn – and Doximity is a good example. The social network site for doctors has just introduced TalentFinder, described as ‘the recruiting tool LinkedIn should have built’. Job boards, pay attention!

Whew! So who is next in line for acquisition? What about the next round of new products and VC funding? I guess we’ll find out…next month.

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