Lawsuits, investments, and the sounds of online recruiting: lots of news

The first hints of fall are in the air – unless you live in south Texas or Florida, that is. The world of online recruiting, however, has not taken either a summer or fall break. LinkedIn in particular seems to be having exciting times. So without further blather, here is your latest installment of what’s what in the online recruiting and job board world:

  • LinkedIn gets sued: The latest installment of disgruntled customers fighting back: LinkedIn is the target of a federal class action lawsuit. The accusers claim that LinkedIn hacked users’ email address books and then sent spam messages. Not surprisingly, LinkedIn doesn’t agree. In other LI news, they’ve lowered the age to join to 14. What’s next? Hmm….maybe blocking?
  • Now why is Monster doing that?: Green Mountain Digital announced $3.8 million in Series B funding led by Monster Worldwide, the Vermont Seed Capital Fund and angel investors. The funding supports the scaling of recently launched Yonder, a free photo/video sharing app focused on outdoor recreation. It’s strategic, says Monster. In unrelated news, Monster (following in LinkedIn’s footsteps) has created an ‘Apply with Monster’ button that can be used on any of their clients’ jobs, anywhere.
  • Facebook makes another move: Facebook has added the ability for users to include their professional experience and work history, allowing them to use their profile as a resume. Wonder where this is going….
  • SimplyHired finds new CFO: In another change at SimplyHired, Shelly Shafer, a veteran of Yahoo!, has been hired to be the company’s CFO. Who’s next?
  • Bright gets some more money: has nabbed $14 million in funding from Toba Capital and other investors. The use? More marketing and some investment in tech. Stay posted.
  • A niche competitor for LI: In the ‘I saw this coming’ department, WorkHands  has launched as a career network for the skilled trades, letting users show potential employers what they’ve done. I think more are coming.
  • Another take on the classic job board: With the motto “Poaching the best talent into the best jobs”, you might suspect that Five Year Itch is different – and it is. This niche site for engineers encourages the job seeker to stay anonymous while putting out personal info and interests – only going public if the offer is good enough. Might work in a tight labor market like IT. Or it might not.

OK, folks, that’s it – until next time!

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  1. Joe Stubblebine

    Jeff–as always–nice recap of the goings-on in our space. What I find especially interesting is Workhands; my brother is a carpenter and has diverse talents in everything from framing, crown molding, plumbing, and tile work. In his space, he needs to show his work as a demonstration of his talent and skills; a site like this makes lots of sense for people who work in the skilled trades space and may not have the time or energy to create a Pinterest page or build a wordpress blog to highlight skills through photography, and many of the traditional resume sites just don’t allow skilled tradespeople the ability to properly showcase themselves.

  2. Susan Joyce

    Thank you, Jeff! Very interesting post, and, like Joe, WorkHands looks very interesting. I have noticed more carpenters, electricians, and plumbers on LinkedIn the last year or so, but I have wondered how many other people look there for carpenters, etc. WorkHands seems like the solution.


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