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The latest and greatest in the job board world

Latest News 1The online recruiting sector continues to change and grow (and sorry, Nick, I don’t think it ‘sucks wind‘). Monster is still up for sale, start ups are sprouting like last spring’s vegetable garden, and I’m heading to HR Tech in a few weeks. So what better than a  quick round up of the latest news?

  • Indeed butts heads with LinkedIn: Indeed’s Apply feature directly competes with a similar LinkedIn feature – so the folks at Indeed decided to run numbers. According to them, Indeed accounted for 16% of applies in a recent sample by ZipRecruiter, versus 5.4% for LinkedIn. Hmmm.
  • Dice Holdings revenue up: Dice’s Q2 revenue was $48.5 million, up 8% from the same period in 2011. ClearanceJobs was up by 15% – but the finance job sites were down 15% year over year. Profit rose overall, but the company failed to meet analyst expectations for total revenue.
  • LinkedIn goes the other way:  Unlike Dice, LinkedIn saw profits drop – but revenues rose to $228.2 million for Q2. Facebook was undoubtedly jealous.
  • BranchOut fibs: Sometimes the urge is too great – particularly when you’re promoting yourself on your own site. BranchOut was caught fabricating a quote ostensibly from the Wall Street Journal. Turns out the quote was originally in a BranchOut press release!
  • Evenbase releases European recruiting stats: Evenbase, the UK job board and recruitment firm, has released its quarterly recruitment review; among other things, it notes that resume uploads rose by 9% – and that job boards continue to be the favorite candidate location tool for businesses.
  • Cheezhead reemerges: Jobscore has decided to bring Joel Cheesman back to the masses – he’ll be blogging on an as yet to be determined basis. Heads will roll.

On that cheery note, I will sign off…for now.

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