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What’s ahead: why I’m attending HR Tech next week

HR techBeing a full time consultant is wonderful – I have the opportunity to work with hundreds of interesting clients, tackle unusual and cutting edge projects, and yes, get paid for it. But there is a drawback – although I’m in contact with dozens of people every week via phone, email, Skype, and Twitter, I don’t actually see them. I’m here in Iowa, and they’re…well, all over the world.

Conferences are a great way to see your colleagues and friends one-on-one, face to face (and occasionally slip in a decent meal). So connecting with some of my favorite people is one reason I’m going to HR Tech Expo next week.

But there’s another reason as well. For several years I’ve heard from many of you that HR Tech is one of the best places to see what is coming next in recruiting and HR. Yes, I’m planning on attending a few classes – but I’m really looking forward to walking the expo floor and seeing what’s there. I expect to find a few things that will have bearing on the job board world (and yes, there will be job board exhibitors like Dice and Monster there as well). Here are a few of the exhibitors I hope to visit:

  • CareerBuilder: the word is they have a few new products to show – so I’m curious
  • Broadbean: the preeminent UK job posting and distribution service has moved into the US – what’s next on the agenda?
  • HireVueone of the pioneers in video interviewing has been making a lot of moves lately
  • TalentBin: web-wide talent search – sounds cool. I want to know more.
  • SparkHire more with video resumes and hiring – a new twist?
  • RoundPeggculture fit for hiring – sounds promising. How does it work?
  • Wanted Analytics: I love geeking out to their stats.
  • SmashFlyI’ve always enjoyed their Tweets and updates – and their product.

Of course, this is all going to be packed into 1 day – we consultants are notoriously miserly. So cross your fingers for me – I will be mainlining Americanos and talking very fast!

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