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SimplyHired layoffs, Ladders app, and more job board news of the moment

job board newsIt’s time to dig into the past month or so and see what interesting, unusual, and mind-blowing job board news has happened of note in the online recruiting and job board world. Let’s see, now….

  • Jobvite and JobTarget team up: Clients can now use JobTarget’s OnePost to send jobs to appropriate JobTarget job boards and social media venues, all in one fell swoop. But it seems like they should call it something like “JobTargetVite”. Yep, rolls off the lips.
  • Layoffs at SimplyHired – what do they mean?: According to Jonathan Duarte, SimplyHired has laid off their COO, VP of sales, and much of the sales team. Is this simply a refocusing of the aggregator, or a sign of other changes to come? Only time will tell.
  • Indeed tops the list for hiring effectiveness: Indeed beat out both general and niche job boards in an analysis of 200,000 job postings by SilkRoad. This data is useful because it is automatically tracked via OpenHire, rather than relying on client and job seeker reporting.
  • Job ad spending down – in places: Recruitment advertising spends are down for print and general job boards – but not so much for niche boards. And, amazingly, it’s up for outdoor advertising.
  • Who are the likely buyers for Monster?: Now that Monster’s CEO has made it official, let the speculation begin – who will buy it? Some say LinkedIn, some say CareerBuilder. What about Google, for that matter? Then there are HR software and services firms, such as SuccessFactors, SAP, etc. that might consider an acquisition worthwhile. One thing’s for certain – this is a gift to bloggers – like myself!
  • Bullhorn cranks it up: The recruiting software company Bullhorn had 35,000 recruiters sign up for Reach, its social recruiting service. It also added 400 new clients in 2011. A very good year indeed.
  • TheLadders introduces its mobile app – and it has a name: TheLadders rolled out its mobile app for recruiters, appropriately named “Recruitable”. It’s only available to recruiters with a full Recruiter License, and only on the iPhone. Sorry, Androidies.

That’s it for now folks – see you next month with more job board news!

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