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How important are candidates?

candidate importanceAre candidates important to job sites?

But step back for a moment – why are employers willing to pay in the first place? Candidates – and not just any candidates. They want candidates that are skilled, experienced, and competent.

Yet it is extremely easy for job sites to forget who their primary customers are in the daily push for sales. That why it’s a good idea to hang a large sign in front of every desk that says, “Candidates rule”. OK, “Job seekers rule” is fine, too!

Think about it for a second – how might you change your site if you were to focus on it from an exclusively candidate-centric perspective? No doubt you’d make some things easier to do. Perhaps you’d add some services. Regular talks with job seekers would make sense, too. Some job sites even go so far as to put employers and job seekers in the same room, talking about how they could interact online.

Job sites are always compromises between the needs of two sets of customers – candidates and employers. But never forget – if you don’t have the candidates, you certainly won’t have the employers!

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  1. Good point! It’s all about driving candidate traffic to your client’s job postings. Fresh (current) and relevant job postings = higher traffic = happy clients = more job postings!
    Nice blog; good luck!
    Phil Collins

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