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Lost in the ether: data dropped can hurt

We've all experienced it: a movie or play is going along, we are firm in our understanding of the how and why of the characters' actions, and then a bit of information is revealed that changes everything. We sit in stunned…

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Learn something! Webinars, summits, and more

On the eve of a blizzard (and of course the Iowa caucuses), I prefer to look forward - to greener pastures and sunny days. Some would call me delusional. I call it self-preservation. The spring and summer options for learning…

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What you said: JobBoardDoctor readers speak out

Last week I sent out a request to you, my attentive reader. I asked if you would give me some feedback on the JobBoardDoctor blog and consulting services. Guess what? In only 5 days I received 100+ responses! So first of all... Thank…

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Seasonality rules: the ebb and flow of hiring

I'm looking out my window at a truly spectacular show of color from a beautiful maple - oranges, yellows, and reds. Sometimes the fall almost makes up for the Iowa winter. The natural world is not the only thing with distinct seasons.…

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