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There’s a new job board conference in town!

new confThere has never been a large number of conferences aimed at the job board and recruitment marketing industry. Unlike the HR sector, where you can’t go three weeks without bumping into a HR conference, the job board industry has had – at most – two or three conferences of varying frequency. For several years, there was only one – the IAEWS (later TAtech) conference, which was usually held in conjunction with (you guessed it) a HR conference. (Full disclosure: I presented at a number of the IAEWS/TAtech conferences).

Then Jobg8 began their Summit, first in the UK, and later in North America. (More full disclosure: I helped organize content for the U.S. conferences). So the industry was up to 2 conferences.

Then the AIM Group launched what is now the RecBuzz conference (held in Europe). (More disclosure: yep, I presented at and helped with content for this one, too. Almost seems to be a trend, eh?).

Then Jobg8 cancelled their conference in 2021. So we were back down to two.

Until….the two Louises put their heads together and started a new conference. Who are the two Louises, you may ask? Well, Louise #1 is Louise Triance, well known in the recruiting industry for her company UK Recruiter, and her never-ending work connecting recruiters with one another. Louise also worked with Jobg8 on their UK job board conference. I had the pleasure of working her in that capacity, swapping ideas for speakers and topics.

Louise #2 is Louise Grant, former CEO of Jobg8, and someone deeply versed in organizing and putting on job board conferences. I worked with her on the U.S. conferences, and learned many interesting British expressions to boot.

The two Louises have put together a new conference called Job Boards Connect. As the name implies, its aim is to connect job boards, aggregators, and related businesses. Topics include: tech stack in the job board world, candidate engagement, growth and revenue, and much more. Although the conference is brand new, and of course I’ve never been, I can promise you that it will be good – very good. With the two Louises behind it, and the set of speakers they’ve lined up, and their knowledge of putting on great conferences, it’s (as we say) a slam dunk. (There is probably a British version of that, but Louise hasn’t taught me that yet!).

If you want to go, click here – it carries a 15% discount. Tell them the Doctor sent you. And although I won’t (sadly) be going, I expect you to tell me how it was!

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  1. Hi Jeff – good write up and yes, this will certainly be a strong conferecne with the 2 Louise’s behind it. The British version of a Slam Dunk would be a ‘Dead Cert’ by the way. I think it is short for Dead Certainty meaning that it’s a sure thing.

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