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Hey! The 2021-22 Recruiting Site Survey results are here!!

2021-22 Recruiting Site SurveyThe 2021-22 Recruiting Site Survey results are in – and things have changed a bit from 2020! Folks seem considerably more optimistic. The survey, which included respondents from every area of the globe – from North America to Africa, from the UK to Australia, and more – has data from job boards big and small, aggregators, recruitment marketing platforms, agencies, content hubs, and much more. Here are some of the findings:

  • The industry has bounced back from the economic effect of the COVID 19 pandemic: 74% have seen revenue increases, including 43% whose revenues rose 20% or more, but….
  • The ongoing effects of the COVID 19 pandemic is ranked as respondents’ most significant threat in the coming 12-24 months
  • Lack of candidates is the most significant threat to future business for respondents
  • 17% of respondents now offer pay-per-application services to their clients, a drop from 2020
  • Only 2% of respondents feel pessimistic about their opportunities for the coming year

There’s much more data, of course – and the good news is you can download it right now. Remember- the 2021-22 Recruiting Site Survey is free to access, but it does require a (very) simple registration. (NOTE: You’ll also need Adobe Reader or another tool that can display PDFs.).

Thanks again to all of the participants – your input makes this 2021-22 Recruiting Site Survey useful and valuable! And special thanks to the AIM Group for helping with the distribution and promotion of the survey.


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