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run Rudolph run

Run Rudolph run! Music for the season

Note: It’s the week before Christmas and the Doctor is frantically wrapping packages. This is a replay from last year. Enjoy! It’s impossible to escape holiday music - or at least, Christmas-related holiday music. Radio stations begin playing it in October September,…

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prepping for 2024

Prepping for 2024 – working the odds

As you may being prepping for 2024 - yes, I know, it's already almost the end of the year and you aren't ready for Christmas, either - the Doctor has a few thoughts. In fact, I often have more than a…

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Indeed's AI future

Is Indeed’s AI future also yours?

Indeed's AI future was the subject of a recent talk by Chris Hyams, CEO of Indeed, at the company's FutureWorks conference. Indeed - in case you've forgotten - is the largest job board in the world, and thus what it…

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destroy a business

How to destroy a business in four easy steps

You may ask yourself why I am telling you how to destroy a business. Well...the longer you spend in the job board and recruitment marketing sectors, the more likely it is that you will be tempted to acquire another business.…

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data matters for job boards

Data matters for job boards

Data matters for job boards. For instance... We’ve all experienced it: a movie or play is going along, we are firm in our understanding of the how and why of the characters’ actions, and then a bit of information is…

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