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Job board AI implementations around the globe

job board AI implementationsJob board AI implementations are picking up – as I thought they might. I last wrote about this in July, and since then I’ve seen a steady wave of AI-related announcements. Some of this is just ‘getting on the bandwagon’, some are probably not really AI so much as clever automation – but some truly are examples of job boards bringing generative AI into both the candidat and employer worlds. Just look at these:

  • Catch has debuted an AI-powered talent search function. This feature – which was actually created by Algorithm Labs, analyzes 417 variables to identify candidates with the highest probability of being hired by a specific employer. Catch, which is based in South Korea, says the function also analyzes their most important characteristics, including skills and academic qualifications.
  • Zhaopin, based in China, has also launched a similar feature. Their AI-powered tool can evaluate candidate’s job qualities with video, speech, facial feature and semantic analyses. Then it gives the employer the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates. As you might guess, this tool can also be used to evaluate current employees.
  • Australian startup The Martec, in a bit of a switch from other providers, is using AI to enhance its personalised talent marketing – in other words, via AI-powered content. The company then utilizes the content by distributing it across websites, recruitment teams and social channels, as well as internally, as part of a recruitment campaigns.
  • U.K.’s Reed has an AI-powered interview question generator tool for recruiters.  The AI-powered question generator highlights the three most sought-after soft skills, based on what the recruiter types in regarding job title, skill level, and sector, as well as 3 soft skills sought.
  • Upwork has rolled out Upwork Chat Pro, a GPT-4 app that’s been integrated into the company’s platform. The app’s initial capabilities are limited to providing users with answers to questions about streamlining their work, but more capability is planned.
  • Finally, Recruitics has added Brion–an AI-powered conversational analytics tool. Brion is basically an user-friendly assistant capable of answering complex questions and providing contextual analysis and insight.

This is, of course, just a slice of what is happening – I specifically chose services and tools that are already released and in use. There are easily two to three times as many ‘soon to come’ products out there – who knows, maybe you have one in the planning stages! But this gives you a picture – a ‘moment in time’ – of where we are today with AI-powered tools and services in the job board world. I think it’s accurate to say these are very early-stage – and at this time next year, we’ll be seeing more sophisticated (and perhaps more deeply integrated) job board AI implementations. I’ll be watching!

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