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global nature

The global nature of the job board industry

The global nature of the job board industry has obvious. From the beginning we've had sites around the world filling recruiting needs. But over the past several years, I've noticed a shift in the types of activity - from a…

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Hubs: job boards with a little bit more

Note: The Doctor is recovering from jet lag, San Diego, and the IAEWS Spring Congress. This is a popular and still pertinent post from the past: The 'traditional' job board is evolving - but as science tells us, every instance…

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LinkedIn: moving up – and out?

The recruiting press was abuzz last week with the news that LinkedIn had purchased, a career-focused online learning company. It was the kind of deal that makes stockholders swoon - LinkedIn is 'broadening' its revenue streams, is going 'cradle to grave',…

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job boards

Making money: a tale of two (really big) job boards

The job board industry is (and has been) in transition. Startups are sprouting faster than crabgrass in spring, venture funding is flowing in, and existing players are expanding. Yet at the same time, some sites are fading. The industry growth…

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matching for job boards

Matching for job boards: another view

This week's guest post by Paul Basile on matching for job boards was sparked by my post last week on matching. Paul Basile is CEO of Matchpoint Careers, a matching service that uses psychometrics to help employers hire better candidates.…

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