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Job board AI products – yep, they’re here!

job board AI productsA few weeks back I talked about the effects of AI on job boards – and this time I’m looking at specific examples of job board AI products. It seems as if every day I read about another rollout of AI (actual or kinda-sorta) by a job board or recruitment marketing platform – so I thought it would be a good time to figure out exactly what is being introduced, and by whom. Here goes:

  • UpworkUpwork is going all in on AI, it seems – they are now promoting what they call their AI Services Hub, where companies can hire AI experts and check out various beta versions of AI technologies. What kind of technologies, you may ask. Well..a job-post generator to create near-instant customizable job post drafts, an enhanced Upwork chat function to familiarize new business clients with the platform, and proposal tips for freelancers. Upwork has also partnered with Jasper, a generative AI content generation platform, to give freelancers who use the platform access to modern generative AI tools to assist with copywriting, marketing and image creation. These all make sense to me, as Upwork tries to move its technical freelancers into the new AI world.
  • StepstoneStepStone has introduced a ChatGPT plug-in, an AI-based chatbot that helps users look for work. The plugin is the first to access vacancies specifically for the German market. The service is currently only available to users of ChatGPT Plus — a subscription service that costs $20/month. Somnath Biswas, head of product at The Stepstone Group, said “Online search is becoming more and more like a conversation, and our goal is to bring job listings even closer to users. Developing the ChatGPT plug-in was the logical next step for us.” It’s noteworthy that even though Stepstone had already invested time into their own Conversational AI, they decided to build the plugin to tie into the widely used ChatGPT.
  • SaraminSouth Korea-based recruitment marketplace says it has completely reorganized its job-posting products, with ChatGPT and AI recommendation technologies being used to accelerate listing, applicant management and recruitment processes. ChatGPT is applied to the notification registration system, and when companies enter the job and industry they want to hire, the content of the notification is automatically created within one minute. AI automatically creates an image at the top of the announcement that fits the content, increasing the exposure effect of the company’s job announcement to applicants. This appears to be a deeper integration into the job board’s technical structure than at Upwork or Stepstone.
  • Sapia.aiAustralia-based AI-powered recruitment platform has a function which will detect and flag responses sourced by generative AI, such as ChatGPT, in real time. The function draws from’s growing proprietary dataset of over one billion words — collated from over 12 million responses from 2.5 million candidates that have used its platform. This feature prevents candidates from using generative AI tools to respond to prompts from’s platform. Barb Hyman, CEO and founder, said: “This is something our competitors can’t do. It’s our competitive moat. While it is possible to detect use of generative ChatGPT through analysis, we’re conducting it in real-time.” I expect that this feature will start appearing in some of the job board software platforms in the coming year.
  • IndeedThe world’s biggest job board is of course using AI in various places throughout its products – most recently in the candidate-facing job search. Indeed’s advantage is lots of data to drive recommendations to candidates – so if a user is searching for particular types of jobs, Indeed can recommend similar jobs. Old concept, newer technology – and perhaps most importantly, possibly better results. In fact, job search and recommendation using generative AI seems to be popping up everywhere!

So yes, job boards big and small are now providing job board AI products. This is just the beginning of the beginning, in my opinion. However, the question for me is – still – how much real improvement will be added to the job search experience. Only time will tell.

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