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Hiring-related AI products and your job board

hiring-related AI productsI previously wrote about what specific job boards are doing with AI – and not surprisingly, it’s the largest job boards that are making the biggest splash. But the sheer number of hiring-related AI products out there means that almost any job board has the opportunity to either integrate an existing AI-based service into their services, or even buy the vendor or product outright. The more competitors, the more the prices will drop, I’m guessing. So when I talk about hiring-related AI products, what do I mean? Let’s take a look:

  • AutoApplyAIIt’s exactly what it sounds like – a tool to automatically apply to jobs. AutoApplyAI applies to the jobs, suggests specific resumes for specific jobs, picks a cover letter, and monitors job applications. It’s like the one-click apply on steroids. Not that I’m saying this is a good thing. Sure, from the candidate’s perspective, this can be a great convenience – and perhaps the reason that might pick your job board over another one. But…I suspect the quality of the applies will suffer. What do you think?
  • AI Job Offer Generator: Are your employers unwilling to write job postings (or at least, job postings that work)? Never fear – this product will create a job posting that covers company culture, job duties, required skills, benefits, and more. Is it better than the traditional template-driven models that have been used by HR for years? Hard to say. But…you can tell folks you’re using AI!
  • InterviewSparkAre your candidates concerned about their interviewing skills? You can offer InterviewSpark – as they say, ‘engage with our AI in real-time conversations, practicing from a database of 1000+ interview questions’.  The AI also provides feedback on your answers and gives you ‘metrics’ on your performance – which sounds a little frightening! But for any job board that targets a candidate audience that lacks interview skills (i.e., probably all of them!), this could be a useful addition.
  • ResumeWordedThis service targets candidates – specifically, those who want to improve their resume and LinkedIn profile. The company claims 1 million users, and also claims that it has helped job seekers land top jobs at large companies. OK. ResumeWorded has the candidate upload their resume, then offers suggestions for improvements, along with scores in various areas such as style, brevity, and so on. Job boards and resume coaches have been partners forever – will these AI-powered tools be the end of that? Maybe so.
  • JobTitlesAI: This tool allows you to classify any job title by sorting it into two categories: the field (finance, technology, etc.), and the position (executive, entry-level, etc.). As they say, “Classifying job titles is hard because humans write them.” No joke! It supports French and English, and is GDPR compliant. Would it be useful to your employers? Quite possibly.
  • JobWizard: Like the first tool in this list, JobWizard allows the candidate to apply for 2000 or more jobs per day. In fact, they proudly describe the service as ‘spray and pray’! It also generates answers to any questions that the application asks. You probably don’t want to let your candidates know about this one!
  • GreatFit: This tool aimed at employers looking to hire technologists stresses culture-fit and soft skills. As they say, ‘You only have time to meet with 5% of your job applicants – but having a bad resume doesn’t make someone a bad candidate.” Good point. A technology-oriented job board might find this a good tool to increase ‘stickiness’ with its clients.

It’s early days still – and I suspect many, many more hiring-related AI products will roll out, large and small. But it’s useful to consider not only what these tools promise to do, but what they actually do. Are they sophisticated enough in their ability to evaluate resumes, for instance, to rely on them for actual hires? This look focused on tools that you might want to integrate into your job board – thus most are candidate-focused, since that’s where everything starts. But tools like GreatFit can also serve a similar purpose to what custom-build ATSs traditionally do – providing a useful service that employers really want and will integrate into their hiring process.

It’s a start!

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