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HR tech design fads: now where have I seen that before?

HR tech designThe recruitment marketing industry encompasses many different types of services: traditional job boards, hybrid job boards, sourcing tools, recruitment platforms, professional networks, career hubs, and much more. What do these all have in common? They are focused on connecting candidates with employers – either as their primary business, or as their major revenue-producing activity.

Part of any online (or offline) recruitment marketing business is design – the look and feel. There are  rules for site design, but it seems that many folks in the industry view those rules as an invitation to break them.  That’s ok – breaking rules is a good way to discover a better way to do thing! But sometimes breaking rules can result in some funny-looking sites. The reality is that the HR tech world – just like every other industry – tends to go in certain design directions, usually based on whichever site is most successful. You can call them design fads, or you can call them ‘a new paradigm’.  Let’s face it, though – a lot of times, HR tech design fads feel like a buffalo herd stampeding down the prairie, running until the buffalo get tired – or until they get diverted by something else.

So what about these trends? What does the Doctor see out there that he sees over and over? Well…

I’m sure I’m missing some other trends – in fact, I know I am. What fads/trends/etc. do you see over and over as you peruse recruitment marketing offerings? Let me know!

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