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Indeed kills JobSpotter – and other news of the job board world

JobSpotterAlthough in many regards we’re in a deep-freeze in terms of business, of course that’s not totally the case. Our industry is part of the hiring and firing world – and most places are experiences firing, or at least no hiring. Not everywhere, however – imagine if you’re a niche site targeting medical supply manufacturers, or warehouse workers, or truck drivers, or…you get the idea. So let’s take a quick look at the news since the end of March and see what’s happened:

  • Jobbio getting sold? Irish job site Jobbio was reportedly approached for a buyout offer from an unidentified American group at the beginning of the year, says the AIM Group. The details of the offer are unknown, as the deal has been put on hold due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Since it launched in 2015, Jobbio has raised over $17 million from a variety of investors, including NJF Capital, the Smurfit family and Michael Chadwick. Jobbio has not commented on the reported buyout offer. Interesting.
  • NextStep raises fundsSeattle startup NextStep raised an additional $3.6 million to help fuel growth of its tech platform that recruits and trains healthcare workers. The company targets people in low-wage jobs who are threatened by displacement and trains them for in-demand healthcare positions, including certified nursing assistant, home health aide, and personal care assistant. Right place, right time.
  • Seasoned launches aid campaign Seasoned, an app that provides job opportunities and a community for members of the service industry, has launched a campaign, The Seasoned Relief Project. The Seasoned Relief Project provides the restaurant community with monetary donations, new job opportunities and a platform to connect and share their story during the COVID-19 pandemic. Seasoned is raising $1,000,000 to provide relief to 10,000 members of the restaurant community. They are collecting donations on the campaign’s website, Good idea.
  • SEEK defers dividend: SEEK has postponed its dividend and is allowing customers some payment concessions due to the coronavirus pandemic. The company told the share market on Monday it would defer its first-half dividend to July 23 and was reducing costs to better manage cash flow. Customers are being offered allowances on their advertising to help the manage their finances. We’ll see more of this.
  • InHerSight does job matchingThe InHerSight platform – which now has a new app – is something of a Glassdoor for women job seekers. Here, women anonymously rate their workplaces, which allows the company to collect data on 16 key metrics that often matter more to working women. To date, the company says women have anonymously rated more than 100,000 companies on its platform. Matching is evergreen.
  • DevSkiller lands some cashPolish startup DevSkiller, a tech hiring platform, has raised around €1 million in a bridge round from Speed Up Energy Innovation. The platform automatically assesses the coding skills of candidates and employees with realistic, stack-specific coding tests focused on practical skills and problem-solving. Congrats!
  • Fiverr’s business is up: Fiverr, one of the five largest B2B-focused human cloud platforms, reported business activity rebounded after the company felt an initial impact from Covid-19 in March, founder and CEO Micha Kaufman wrote in a letter to shareholders. While the pandemic is far from being over, he wrote, the company is encouraged by what it is seeing so far and freelancers are signing on to the platform in record numbers. Hmm.
  • Indeed kills JobSpotterThe JobSpotter app – which allowed users to submit photos of job adverts in exchange for Amazon vouchers – will be shut down. Users will soon no longer be able to submit new photos and the Jobspotter app will be suspended altogether on Friday 15 May, though if a user has already earned vouchers they should be sent. Easy come, easy go. In other Indeed news, job postings are down 30%.
  • Care Hires lands funding: Care Hires, a location-based app and cloud-based software solution that allows health & social care providers to hire on demand Care staff more efficiently and cost effectively has announced it has secured £500,000 angel investment from Mattioli Woods founder and its clients. The seed investment allows the company to roll out its service to Care Providers across the UK and onboard the required workforce. More investment in health hiring.
  • RecruitRooster acquires development firm Recruit Rooster, a wholly-owned subsidiary of DirectEmployers, has acquired custom software developer, RocketBuild. With this acquisition, Recruit Rooster will broaden the scope of development services provided to its customers, and expand its menu of technology solutions. Something to crow about?

Well, this is getting kind of long, so I’ll wrap up the news for now. But you can see that in the midst of the pandemic, there is still a lot going on! Adios, JobSpotter, and until next time…

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