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Getting the knack, or a tasty hire? New and unusual recruiting sites!

unusual recruiting sitesAlthough I looked at new and unusual recruiting sites a month ago, here I am again with a new batch. Why? Well, honestly, because our industry seems quite prolific in generating new businesses! As is often the case, I will be including some sites that are in the online recruiting biz but don’t quite fit the ‘job board’ box. I hope that’s ok. Here we go:

  • BevNineToFive: This Vancouver, BC-based site targets the beverage industry in Canada (thus the name). It’s a WordPress-based site and is a good example of how that CRM is adapting to the job board market.
  • HarriSticking with the foodie theme, Harri services the hospitality industry, with geographic focuses on 5 U.S. metro areas. It reminds me a bit of ShiftGig before that site moved out of the hospitality space.  And yes, it’s not that new (launched in 2012), but it’s new to me – and that’s why it’s here!
  • OnContracting: As you might guess by the name, OnContracting is aimed at contractors – specifically, ‘knowledge workers’, i.e., tech. They say that they are”the world’s most comprehensive staffing agency directory that tells you which staffing agencies can get you a contract job at any client company you are interested in.” The site also claims to ‘curate’ the contractors, but it isn’t clear how they screen them.
  • getTalent: Not really a job board, getTalent says it is a candidate pipelining and engagement tool. Translation? A lead nurturing system aimed at candidates. The twist? This SuccessFactors-funded company was acquired by DHI aka Dice back in 2013, but is now starting to make headway in the market (at least according to the latest earning call from DHI).
  • Canyu.doIt wouldn’t be a site roundup with something representing the gig economy. wants to ‘make work play’. What is it? The video suggests that participants ‘join’ a specific company’s area; then they can get called to do ‘fill in’ work. The U.K. mobile-first site is working on funding. We’ll see where it goes.
  • TastyHireNot sure about the name, but the basis of TastyHire is 30-second job seeker videos which employers review. The site charges both job seekers and companies (although the former can post a simple profile at no charge). At present they’re only operating in New York.
  • Knack: It’s gamer time! Knack (you don’t know how hard it is not to write The Knack – oops, guess I did!) uses app-based games to identify potential candidates for employers. On the candidate side, it helps users figure out potential careers – and of course links them to available jobs. Sounds cool, and they have a ton of testimonials.
  • They call themselves ‘next gen recruitment advertising’. What does that really mean? Programmatic advertising with AI-driven ad copy optimization. I believe the AI is called Adam (what, no Eve?). Their network includes Facebook, Instagram, dribble, and Indeed, with lots of others ‘coming soon’.
  • ScaleScale wants businesses to outsource their core processes and tasks that require people, not algorithms, to handle. This could include anything from appointment scheduling to more complicated matters like content moderation and transcriptions. It’s similar to Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, but Scale claims to vet its contractors and thus provide higher quality output. To use Scale, a company places a line of code into their app to allow certain tasks to be completed on demand. Interesting.

That’s enough new and unusual recruiting sites for now. More soon!

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