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sourcing or advertising

Pick a strategy path: sourcing or advertising

Sometimes it's useful to step back and generalize a little. I believe the appropriate cliche is 'you can't see the forest for the trees'. Whatever. Let's just say that if you don't have a good guiding principle for what your…

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Technology, recruiting, and skepticism

Note: The Doctor is taking a day off, so enjoy this post from last year - before Monster was sold to Randstad: Before I began this post, I had to pull my jaw off the ground. Yes, I had just learned…

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Google Jobs again

Google Jobs again: the sky is falling edition

That's right, it's Google Jobs again! Last week I walked through the Google Jobs initiative, which is comprised of a specific way of marking up job ads (and letting Google know you did), and the Cloud Jobs API, which addresses…

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what employers want

Candidates are what employers want

Since the beginning of the year there have been dozens of recruiting startups, mergers, and acquisitions trying to address what employers want. Google is making a new foray into the jobs world. Indeed is trying to become a brand. Programmatic…

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diversity in online recruiting

Different paths to diversity in online recruiting

Although studies have shown that companies with more diverse employees - both with regard to gender and ethnicity - tend to outperform their peers, actual progress by organizations via diversity in online recruiting has been slow. Why? Because (a) it's…

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