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Worldwide action: the latest job board and online recruiting news

News30As Neil Young said, rust never sleeps (which I’m sure means something) – and the job board industry likewise never sleeps, it just keeps chugging along. Lots of activity, both in North America and overseas. Let’s see what we have this time around:

  • A LinkedIn for techiesThat sounds like an elevator pitch, right? MakerBase aims to be the IMDB for anyone that makes products, from programmers to writers – but mainly for programmers. We shall see.
  • Beyond gets into online learningFirst was LinkedIn. Now, Beyond, the job board network, and Udemy, a marketplace for online learning, have begun a partnership to add Udemy’s online skills-based courses. Interesting move.
  • On-demand staffing for the sharing economyWonolo, a San Francisco startup with an app that matches workers with available temp positions, has based much of its growth on the booming ecommerce sector, especially fulfillment and delivery operations. It currently has 8,000 Wonolers. That’s their word. Really.
  • Sad newsMy thoughts are with the staff and families of
  • Greenhouse is growingGreenhouse, a hiring software platform, has over 800 customers including Slack and Pinterest, almost double the 450 it had when it announced its $13.9 million Series B in March. That progress, plus dreams of international expansion and selling to even bigger corporations, has won Greenhouse another round that brings it to about $60 million in funding. Apparently someone is impressed.
  • From discussion platform to recruitment sitePiazza, a Palo Alto, Ca.-based class discussion platform, has more than 30,000 educators, 1 million students and 1,200 universities in 70 countries using its platform. It is now adding a “Reverse Engineer Your Top Hire” tool; the idea is for recruiting and hiring managers to input the names of their most successful collegiate hires and, based on those former students’ backgrounds, find current students who could be similarly successful in their careers. Very interesting.
  • Denmark’s JobIndex is doing just fineJobIndex’s sales in Q2 2015 are up from DKK 57 million to DKK 66 million ($10.2 million U.S.) and the net profit before taxes and financials was DKK 19 million, compared to 11 million in Q2 in 2014. The only negative? The StepStone part of the business. It had sales of DKK 4.5 million but a loss of 0.6 million.
  • Job matching for doctors: Acculent Inc., a Frisco, Texas-based startup, has developed, a Web-based matching system tailored to physicians.
  • More Tindr for jobsWe’ve mentioned it before, and no doubt we’ll mention it again. There are 3 more ‘Tindr for jobs’ apps out there: nspHire, a Chicago-based job search app that launched in October 2014; New York City-based start-up Lynxsy; and New York based Switch. Job search app creators say matching with a company with an app interface, is aimed at fixing the soon to be out-dated method of applying online. Well, we’ll see.
  • A big job board in Russia HeadHunter (, Russia’s leading jobs vertical, has become the world’s third most-visited jobs site on desktop visits, as measured by audience stats site With almost 30 million desktop visits in July 2015, HeadHunter is now only behind global U.S. platform (in first) and France’s globally in the recruitment segment. Impressive traffic.
  • WantedTechnologies to be purchased:  CEB Inc. struck a deal to acquire Wanted Technologies Corp., a provider of market intelligence and analytics for staffing firms. The transaction is scheduled to close Nov. 3. Wanted will be integrated into CEB’s predictive talent data offered through its CEB TalentNeuron offering, and its executives will remain with the company.

That’s all, folks! More next month!

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