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Results of the 2015 Job Board Trends Survey are here!

2015 Job Board Trends SurveyThe results of the 2015 Job Board Trends Survey are now available. This survey, a coproduction of IAEWS and JobBoardDoctor, was taken by 197 job board owners, operators, and employees around the globe from November 2014 through January 2015. As with last year’s survey, we asked about all aspects of the job board business – from specific data on job applications, traffic, and site focus, to broader questions about the direction of our industry. Here are some of the highlights from this year’s survey:

  • 50% of respondents are reporting site traffic of 50,000 or more uniques per month
  • Over 50% of the jobs posted are single job postings
  • Most niche sites see 5-20 applications per job; most general sites see 11-30 applications per jobs
  • 69% of respondents are using aggregators
  • Over 80% view the quality of applicants as critical for their employers
  • Almost half of sites surveyed are getting 20% or more of their traffic from mobile sources
  • Job aggregators and LinkedIn are seen as the primary threats to job boards in the coming year

2014 seemed to be a year of consolidation, growth, and expansion. As one respondent said, “Growing at 20%/year and that makes me happy”.

Curious? You can download the 2015 Job Board Trends survey results here (free registration is required). Thanks to everyone who participated!

PS: Alex Murphy ( andI will be delving into the survey results in much greater detail in April at the IAEWS conference – hope to see you there!

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  2. Nice information we got from this survey. Nowadays most of the companies purchasing linkedin premium membership, it’s true but is bad sign for native job boards like Dice, monster etc.


  3. […] According to, job boards are feeling the heat from social media platforms such as LinkedIn and aggregators. When you look at the numbers from the 2015 poll, it becomes apparent that aggregators offer the biggest threat to individual job boards with 69 percent of job board users utilizing aggregators to do job hunting. […]

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