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Reinvention?: a roundup of new and interesting sites

reinventionIt’s happened again – I’ve let the better part of a year pass since I took a look at some of the new and interesting sites and services out there. Last time it seemed career hubs were thriving. This time? Well, hard to see the trends. You tell me:

  • SkilledWizard: A job board that looks a bit different, and is aimed at the skilled trades (electricians, plumbers, etc.). Candidates create a profile, search jobs and companies, sign up for job feeds, and so on. Nothing new, really, but well designed and thought out.
  • Gigats: The first thing you see on Gigats’ home page is the registered user count (which was over 7 million when I took a look). As they say, “Gigats is not a job board; we are a job matching service“. In other words, the candidate is going to get jobs via emails from multiple sources. Not revolutionary, but interesting that they have acquired so many job seekers so fast.
  • Raise Your Flag: Definitely a site with a non-traditional name. Raise Your Flag will certainly show you jobs – but it also shows you job paths: how to get from where you are to a specific target career. A good idea, and certainly could be helpful to less sophisticated (or simply confused) job seekers.
  • HackerRank: Not a recruiting site per se, HackerRank is actually an assessment site for programmers. The user picks an area they want to compete in, and then they are presented various problems to solve. On the employer side, of course, the site is used to assess and hire technical talent.
  • IdealCandidate: A LinkedIn-centric site for sales candidates. You sign in via LI, enter your desired compensation, pick your industry sector, run through a (time-consuming) culture-fit assessment, and then finally you see a profile and (hopefully) some matching jobs. Interesting approach, although I suspect the culture-fit piece is too long for most candidates to complete.
  • JobHive: An aggregator with a twist – videos. JobHive claims to index 2 million jobs. The candidate find the job they want, applies – and JobHive guarantees that the candidate will see what’s happening with the application. And of course, you can apply via video (although it appears this function is not active yet).
  • TheCrowdWorks: As you might guess from the name, TheCrowdWorks is essentially a job board with a crowdsourcing piece that allows the candidate to answer questions from other candidates and then get badges. It still seems to be in beta (and confused about its name; it calls itself TheCrowdWorks, OurCrowdWorks, and CrowdWorks at various points in the site!).
  • HiredMD: It’s a doctor job site! The one twist that HiredMD brings to the market is the concept of an auction: the candidate and employer can bid back and forth about salary, benefits, bonuses, and so on. I’ll be curious to see where this one goes.

As you can see, the online recruiting market continues to produce startups at a remarkable rate – this is only a sampling of the sites I have in my files! If you know about a new and unusual site/service, let me know.

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  1. Thanks for listing JobHive! A correction though, applicants can currently apply with video! And we do index over 2 million listings. 🙂 And as you mentioned, they get a guaranteed response with where their application is in the hiring process for both our native and indexed listings. I am going to look into the others you’ve listed as well. Thanks!

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