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Overexposed?? What the Job Board Doctor is doing this month

I am remarkably unphotogenic. When at Dice, I once sat down with a professional photographer for the obligatory ‘head shot’. It took 39 shots before the poor fellow managed to get one without my eyes closed or mouth open. I’m betting that’s a record. (FYI, the current head shot on my site was done by a neighbor who managed to fool me into thinking I wasn’t being photographed!).

I mention this because this month you will have two chances to see or hear me – so if you choose the former, you’ve been warned!

First up: I am doing a webinar on June 11th at 2 PM EDT about the results of the 2014 Job Board Trends survey (courtesy of RealMatch). I will delve into what almost 200 job boards said they were doing (or not doing), as well as what is coming down the pike in the next twelve month. I hope you can join me – click here for registration (free).

Next: I will be speaking at the JobG8 Job Board Summit in Orlando, June 26-27 (along with a boatload of other great speakers, including John Sumser, Gerry Crispin, and Isabelle Hung). I’ll be talking about new, unusual, and innovative players in the online recruiting space – I plan on covering quite a few sites in a short amount of time, so I’ll have to speak fast. The summit also offers some great opportunities for networking, so I hope to meet some of you there! To register, click here.

Perhaps June will be my month of overexposure? Somehow…I doubt it!

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